The superstition of black cats and the bad reputation of cats in general

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Cats are surly, you can’t trust felines. The black cats bad luck! How many times have you heard these or similar phrases? We, of course, much more than we would like. For this reason, our mission today is to bring a grain of sand to the destruction of those myths, superstitions and beliefs that prevent some people from enjoying one of the best companies in the world: the company of cats!


Are cats sullen?

This is, in all likelihood, the most repeated idea. Especially in the heated but sterile debate between whether it is better to live with a cat or a dog. The truth is that both species are wonderful and offer love and companionship equally.

Cats, however, are not surly. In many cases, they are territorial, very sensitive to heat, and need space, just like humans. They are not always willing to play with you, but they will come to you when you sit quietly. And it is that our feline friends love peace. Noise and commotion stress them out, which is why they seem elusive.

Contrary to popular belief, cats love to be cuddled. Their favorite areas to receive caresses are concentrated between the ears and on the back, mainly. The stomach and legs can become problematic.

Therapeutic cats.

Did you know that the purring of cats calms stress and anxiety? And what do people with such disorders improve if they live with cats? To that extent, your business is beneficial. The reason purring is so beneficial is that when we hear it, our body releases endorphins (the happiness hormone) and these strengthen the immune system.

Not bad for animals like black cats (or any other color), with such a bad reputation.

Superstition and black cats.

Most of the superstitions that exist about black cats stem from the days of the witch hunt. Before this historic moment, indeed, his reputation was spotless. In Egyptian times, cats were considered gods.and they even mummified themselves to live forever.

However, the Catholic Church, at the time of the Inquisition, began to associate black cats with witches. It was said that these marvelous cats were the representation of the devil on Earth and that when a witch died she became a black cat. Since then, they are considered harbingers of bad luck.

But it is not something universal. For instance, In China, black cats are believed to bring good luck.just like in England, where it is auspicious to have a black cat in the house.

If you’re not a superstitious person, all of this won’t matter to you, but we still want to give you some tips: Do not place black or white cats for adoption around Halloween. For the sake of the furry little ones, take this precaution, because many people use them for rituals.

And you, do you like cats?

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