The Spanish start-up Lux is planning three electric cars

Spanish businessmen Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros and David Sancho want to create a new brand of electric cars. The vehicles of the start-up Lux will be manufactured in Spain.

Lux was founded in 2020 and there are already plans for production, expansion and various models. The goal is to manufacture electric cars with sustainable materials; no aluminum or leather will be used inside.

We want to build the first production car whose bodywork is of plant origin, because the fibers and resins will all be biocomposites and bioplastics. In this way we can control the value chain of these components, which are numerous in Spain», say the founders of Liux.

However, the platform the vehicle will sit on will use traditional materials and will also be modular. The battery will not be permanently welded to the vehicle, but will consist of removable modules. Batteries for storage capacities between 45 and 90 kWh will come from China. There is no information about the range yet.

According to the report, the company is in talks with representatives from several municipalities about production. Initially, 3,000 electric cars will be produced next year. By 2024, production is expected to reach 50,000 units, the maximum capacity possible in the factories designed by Liux. Profitability must be achieved with 30,000 vehicles per year. Each of the planned factories will have a local focus and support industry in the region, while providing jobs for local citizens.

According to Espinosa, the production concept can lead to significant savings in terms of logistics and CO2 emissions. To achieve this, Liux relies on flexibility, modularity and a robot developed by Sancho, with which different body shapes can be produced inexpensively.

First, he says, the goal is to house a maximum of 10 robots in factories. “It doesn’t take 15 million molds and tools to set up a factoryexplains Sancho.

In the first phase of the project, about 100 jobs would be created. Once the project is established and the capacity used, he said, the number of jobs will peak at 500, which is all Espinosa and Sancho expect to need.

Lux’s first product, planned for 2023, is a compact car that can also be equipped with a small combustion engine as a generator for more range.

Then a two-seater urban electric car is planned. In the medium term, a sedan is planned as the third model series. Sales will take place exclusively online with the help of an established partner.

The founders of Lux say that they already have an investment of two million euros from their first round of financing. Much of it comes from Balearic car rental company OK Mobility, which could also be Liux’s first customer. More capital is expected to be raised in new rounds of funding.

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