The original A-shaped Thai hut

Architect Tung Jai Ork Baab used shipping containers to build this quirky house on an old paddy field.

Officially named Container Cabin, the container house is part of the OOST Campville project.

The idea is that the cabin is a home away from town. Located in Nakhon Nayok, a small province northeast of Bangkok, the Container Cabin is meant to be rented for holidays.

The Container Cabin is located in an old rice field and has access to playgrounds and orchards.

This vacation home features an A-frame roof that protects living areas that can be affected by high heat transfer. It also has steel sheet trellises that allow wind circulation and protect the house from sun and rain.

The main spaces are prefabricated shipping containers. They can be easily assembled and delivered to most locations.

There is the problem of flooding, but the architect’s solution was to create a small reservoir that would serve as an elevated area for the cabin. There is a concrete base which is actually split in two. In the center there is a common area where you can rest and relax.

The design connects indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tung Jai Ork Baab’s vacation home features two shipping containers stacked on one side where the bedrooms and living areas are located.

On the other side, another bedroom overlooks a swimming pool surrounded by a deck. There are terraces and balconies all around for more space to relax or watch nature. The walls are sliding doors and full height windows.

The inside of the shipping container is white for a simple, clean look. The old container doors have been converted into shutters to provide more privacy and shade. The exterior of the containers is bare but painted gray, as is the A-frame roof structure.

Designate: Tung Jai Ork Baab

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