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A new option for generating renewable energy on the roof has been developed by a company in Texas, USA. It is a small wind turbine that promises to generate up to 50% more energy at the same cost as photovoltaic solar energy.

Unlike loud, visually intrusive wind turbines that rely on spinning rotor blades, the Aeromine is stationary. “The technology takes advantage of aerodynamics similar to the aerodynamic surfaces of a racing car to capture and amplify the airflow of each building,” explains Aeromine Technologies.

With no blades, the model is designed to be easily installed at the edge of a building, integrating with building electrical systems and even solar power systems already installed. The combination of wind and solar power could meet energy demand in some cases, reducing the need for energy storage.

The new bladeless wind turbine is specially designed for rooftops


Among the advantages of the new wind turbine, the American company points out that Aeromine requires only 10% of the space needed to install solar panels on the roof, is quieter (compared to traditional wind turbine models) and generates energy 24 hours a day. . at all times.

According to the company, a single turbine unit provides the same amount of energy as up to 16 solar panels. The idea is that several turbines are combined and installed on the roofs of buildings.

“The technology brings the performance of wind power to the local generation market, mitigating the limitations of rotating wind turbines and less efficient solar panels,” said David Asarnow, CEO of Aeromine.

The technology is patented and major companies are already testing the new technology, including a BASF Corporation plant in Michigan, USA.

The use of wind energy is still little explored in cities, a situation already highlighted in a USP study. In any case, companies are fully developing more accessible models for application in urban centers.

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