The most powerful urban charging station in Spain is in operation

It has an installed capacity of 2.5MW and has a total of 12 points, including four state-of-the-art ultra-fast charging points up to 400KW

The center also has mobility services such as car sharing Yes motorcycle sharing electricity, BiciPARK, urban distribution and last-mile collection slogans.

Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida inaugurated Canalejas 360, a new electric mobility hub in the Spanish capital. The project houses the most powerful urban charging station in Spain.

Located in the heart of Madrid, Canalejas 360 is a reference in this type of installation and responds to the growing demand for charging stations for electric vehicles.

East centerwhich involves the integration of all last-mile mobility and distribution services in the capital, will make it easier for people in Madrid to get to the center with electric vehicles, whether own or shared, and to collect parcels, among other services.

the electric station It has a total of 12 charging points and an installed capacity of 2.5 MW. Four of these points are state-of-the-art ultra-fast charging points with a maximum power of 400 KW, another four ultra-fast charging points of 200 KW and another four of 50 KW, which is the charging standard current optimum for most commercial models and which have a special length compatible with logistics vans.

For the charging process, users will be able to carry out their procedures easily thanks to the Electro-EMT application, designed by the Municipal Transport Company for the entire charging network it manages. Charging prices for 400 KW points are 0.69 cents per KW/hour; 0.49 KW cents/hour for 200 KW points, and 0.40 KW cents/hour for 50 KW chargers.

In addition to electric charging, Canalejas 360 offers an offer of electromobility and micrologistics services for companies that will carry out their operations in these facilities.

Almeida toured downtown areas assigned to fleets of “car sharing” operators Free2Move, Sharenow, Zity and Wible; for the “motosharing” companies Acciona, Silence and Iberdrola operated by Cooltra. Likewise, the EMT BiciPark bicycle parking system allows the storage of up to 14 bicycles in another delimited perimeter. In addition, secure parking and a scooter charging station will also be installed for private users with the capacity to accommodate and charge 8 Iberdrola scooters.

The center also has a Seur space to promote last-mile urban distribution “throughout the Center district”, with electric vehicles and two slogans have been installed for parcel collection. The renovated space also includes a car wash service.

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