the most exotic and precious in the world

Learn the story of the Black Diamond apple, a variety so exotic it’s considered a culinary diamond in some places.

Its strange color is due to its endemic origin in the mountains of Tibet and its pleasant and sweet flavor makes it unique. Find out why their value can reach up to 20 dollars each!

The Black Diamond black apple is considered the most exotic and valuable variety in the world. Although there are many species of apples, the Black Diamond is distinguished by its completely different appearance from the others.

Its strange and deeply dark color is due to its endemic origin in the small town of Nyingchi in the mountains of Tibet, where it is exposed to large amounts of ultraviolet rays during the day and temperatures that can drop drastically at night.

The flesh of the Black Diamond retains its whitish-yellowish color, like that of any other apple, but its skin has undertones that border on deeply dark purple. Although its taste is pleasant and sweet, it does not differ in nutrients from other species of apples. However, its exotic appearance increases its cost enormously.

On average, a black apple has a market value of $20 each and it is only sold in some high-end supermarkets in China.

Black Diamond is a rare species belonging to the Hua Niu family or also known as Red Delicious. Despite their name, black diamonds are not completely black apples, but have a deep dark coloring that makes them look like real black diamonds. Their harvest period is limited to just two months a year, which makes them even more special and valuable.

The Black Diamond black apple is a true gourmet diamond. Its unique and exotic appearance, its pleasant and sweet flavor and its limited availability make it a very popular species sought after by the most demanding diners.

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