The largest renewable hybrid power plant – photovoltaic, wind, storage and hydrogen

The project is the result of a collaboration between Endesa, the Abrantes region and the workers of the local coal-fired power plant, which is currently being closed. The company will offer a training program to retrain more than 2,000 people.


Photovoltaic, wind, storage and hydrogen.

Europe’s largest renewable hybrid power plant will be built in Pego, Portugal.

The project is linked to the social and territorial development of the Abrantes region, with the aim of providing new jobs and technical training.

Here, in fact, the historic local thermoelectric plant (628 MW) is about to close, leaving an energy and employment vacuum. The new project, executed by Endesa through its subsidiary Endesa Generación Portugal, aims to help on both fronts.

When fully operational, the renewable hybrid plant will consist of 365 MWp photovoltaic, 264 MW wind and one 168.6 MW of integrated storage

To this will be added a 500 kW electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen, which will use the electrical surplus that cannot be managed by the storage system.

In total, the system will allow almost 6,000 hours of production, more than the operation of any conventional thermal power plant, according to Endesa. But it will be mostly no external incentives or subsidies.

Training and socio-economic development plan.

From day one, the project was conceived as a collaboration with the Abrantes region and the workers involved in the closure of the coal-fired power plant, managed by Endesa itself.

initiative will allow the professional retraining of more than 2,000 people and the possibility of opening up new employment opportunities for local residents.

The training plan will launch courses ranging from building and assembling solar systems to operating and maintaining them. It will also include primary sector activities, such as agriculture, animal husbandry or beekeeping among the panels. Finally, courses on soft skills, such as administration and digital tools, will be included.

Not only do we continue to bet on Portugal, as we have always done, but we do it with a project to which we have dedicated a lot of effort and love, working to achieve an innovative model of development renewable energy in which local communities have a real role.

The renewable model of the future, we are sure that this proposal will mark a before and after in the sector.

Rafael González, general manager of electricity production at Endesa.

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