the invention of an insulating hemp block that fits together like a LEGO

In the next few years, the construction world will have to adopt hemp, even the hemp blocks invented by Biosys


Biosys: inventing hemp blocks that fit together like LEGO

The construction sector is changing and is increasingly open to the use of biosourced materials to replace concrete or cement.

Bioconstruction consists of using materials from renewable and natural sources for the construction of buildings. These materials can be of animal, plant or mineral origin, but they have in common that they are produced from renewable and/or recyclable resources. This makes them more durable and environmentally friendly than traditional materials. At Biosys, hemp was chosen as the basis for a bio-based material to make blocks that stack like LEGO blocks.

Biosys system

Biosys presents the BCE solution, which claims to be the “first biological construction system at the service of construction and the user“. The proposed solution is patented and consists of hemp blocks stacked on top of each other by dry interlocking. The construction system is multifunctional and offers an ecological alternative in the field of construction.

Perfectly adapted to construction professionals, the blocks are easy to use and will bring maximum comfort to those who choose them. Biosys blocks are associated with a supporting structure in reinforced concrete, cast in specific blocks. Biosys can be used for facade walls and also for single-family houses.

The system is also suitable for small buildings for commercial businesses with a maximum of one floor and a light roof. The Biosys solution offers all the advantages of hemp in a single material, including optimal insulation.

Hemp, an increasingly popular material in Europe, where France is the leading producer of hemp, and the reason it is so popular is simply because it is easy to grow. It does not require any phytosanitary treatment, has a very short production cycle and does not require irrigation.

Biosys uses hemp fiber, the woody core of the hemp stalk, to make hemp blocks. It is sometimes used as a natural building material for its insulating properties and durability. Hemp can be mixed with lime or other binders to create a lightweight, breathable, fire and pest resistant insulating material.

Hemp is widely used in construction because it offers many benefits to those who choose it. Naturally insulating, it provides perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, isolating the house from the cold and outside noise

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