The ingenious self-cleaning litter box that automates cat waste management

There is no doubt that cats are adorable and cuddly, just ask online. But one thing endless cat videos often don’t touch on is the dirty business of waste management. Although there are several self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, Popur believes their new system outshines the competition.

Popur claims that the key to its self-cleaning sanitary box Poppur X5currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, is its two-box system that separates cat pee and poo residue from the litter box.

The company claims that this separation overcomes the cleanliness and odor problems inherent in rotating drum litter boxes that deposit waste in a receptacle at the bottom of the box.

Popur’s DuoTilt mechanism first tilts the tray to separate the debris from the litter, then tilts the filter to tip the debris into a cardboard container, in the case of the Popur Basic, or an airtight, self-closing container, into the Popur case Basic case of the Popur Pro model.

The former is for those who are content to change bin liners every day or don’t care about odors, while the Pro model’s bin automatically closes to seal in odors, and can store the droppings produced by a single cat for three weeks to a month. The bin has even been designed to allow the bag to be thrown away without even seeing or smelling the waste it contains.

Designed for cats up to 60cm, the Popur’s litter box measures 51 x 41cm and, like almost everything these days, it has an app that alerts you when the litter box is full and the bag must be changed.

the unit too has been designed to be easy to clean, with simple cleaning of the exterior and interior surfaces, and a removable filter and bag for hand washing or replacement. It has also been made with antimicrobial materials to prevent mold buildup.

Los niveles de compromiseo that the permitirán to obtain a Popur comienzan in 279 dollars for the Popur Basic y 329 dollars for the Popur Pro. The Kickstarter campaign has superado 32 veces su objetivo de 10.000 dólares y las entregas están vistas para octubre de este año, if all goes well.

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