The herb that improves your health and rejuvenates

This herb is able to improve our health and rejuvenate our body thanks to all the properties it has. This is a simple plant that grows in any garden: the nettle.

Many pursue the magic formula of the elixir of youth, but few know that in natural herbs we can find remedies to improve our health and rejuvenate the body.

The passage of years is noticeable in our body, not only because of the signs of aging on our skin, but also because of the decline in the functioning of our organs.

There are many factors that influence aging, it’s not just a matter of age. Poor diet, hasty lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle among other factors influence.

But there are herbs that we can add to our daily diet to improve our health and rejuvenate our organs.

This infusion will rejuvenate us

We all want to feel young and full of life, but if genetics hasn’t favored us, it’s a luxury to be able to achieve that due to the cost of vitamin treatments and supplements. But it is possible that by incorporating this little habit, we will improve a lot.

It is a wonderful infusion of an herb, nettle, which will help us revitalize our body with its nutrients.

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How to make nettle herb tea


  • 1 cup of water
  • nettle leaves

Preparation and consumption

The water must be heated to around 80°C, without breaking the boil. Pour the water into a cup and place the nettle leaves to rest for about 10 minutes. Filter the infusion and drink hot.

This infusion is drunk 1 or 2 times a day, every day, it can be on an empty stomach and before going to bed, or only on an empty stomach.

Among its properties, nettle infusion will help you fight arthritis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, inflammation, even pharyngitis, and will regenerate each of your internal organs, promoting better health. In case of hyperuricemia or urinary tract infections, it is an excellent diuretic. In addition to this, it also treats external conditions such as acne.

It is an herb that will purify our blood while filling us with nutrients. We will notice changes in our skin, nails and hair.

It doesn’t hurt to try…we will surely see good results.

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