the gel-filled vest that can instantly warm you up

This gel-filled vest can instantly warm you up, helping you cope with cold temperatures.

The Entropy Vest is a design from the creators of the award-winning Petit Pli, a children’s garment designed to grow with its little wearer.

The vest is designed for an entirely different problem. Designed for adults, the Entropy Vest is worn under clothing and contains a special gel that stores heat and helps insulate the wearer from extreme cold.

The vest carries phase change material suspended in its hollow vein-like channels. When activated, the gel heats up to 40°C, providing users with thermal relief in the coldest temperatures.

The Entropy vest works without any electronics and can simply be reset by boiling the vest in water to change the structure of the phase change material and “recharge” it.

The Entropy Vest is the ideal layer for outings in very low temperatures. It’s light enough to wear over a shirt or compression top, and thin enough to slip easily under a windbreaker. The see-through vest contains a phase-change material that instantly heats the body upon activation, changing from a liquid to a gel-like solid. Once hot, it begins to gradually lower the temperature as you move, to prevent the user from feeling excessive heat.

With the Entropy vest, Petit Pli explores the possibility of garments with adaptable thermal properties without the need to resort to electronics.“, specifies the company.

Petit Pli’s Entropy vest was created to challenge the true capabilities of existing thermal regulation fabrics or integrated electronics. The Entropy Vest will also be released in a cooling version, for sweltering hot conditions.

Ryan Mario Yasin, founder and CEO of Petit Pli.

The company also hopes to extend this technology to children’s vests in the future, bringing its unique lifesaving abilities to humans of all age groups.

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