The folding house that “stores” for easy transport

We’ve seen tiny houses that fold up in a number of ways, but the Brette Haus takes another interesting twist with a collapsible design meant for easy truck transport.

It also has a bunch of different options, including the ability to configure it to work off-grid and various custom interior layouts.

The project is reminiscent of the MADi house and has a hinge system that guarantees up to 100 transfers.

Once moved, installation takes only three hours and also does not require a permanent foundation.

Such an innovative design may raise questions about its durability.

The folding mechanism is specially designed for working with hard wood and folding heavy weights. Plumbing, electricity and prefabricated furniture are permanently fixed so that nothing falls on delivery. We provide transport instructions with how to unfold it and also how to fold it when you want, there will be several instructions to avoid any problems.

Tatjana Boreckaja, representative of Brette Haus in the UK.

The representative of the firm also explains that it has been tested in adverse weather conditions without any problems.

There are currently three models available: compact, urban and rustic, and these vary in size from a usable area of ​​17 square meters to a maximum of 39 square meters.

Pricing for the Rustic model starts at €18,700 (about $22,000) for the smallest and most basic model, which can skyrocket depending on custom options.

It can be used as a workspace, a cafeteria, a weekend getaway…, depending on the cast.

Each cabin is constructed primarily of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and features a basic interior, although like many prefabs there are many options available including the ability to outfit each home with a smart home configuration, of an off-grid system with solar energy. panels and batteries, and home comforts like a dishwasher. Tiny house-style towable wheels can even be added, although it’s unclear if this would be road legal.

The Rustic model has a basic and quite comfortable layout. You enter into a combined living room, kitchen and dining room, with a seating area and a dining table.

The kitchen has a sink and worktop as standard. Nearby is the bathroom, with shower, sink and toilet. A few steps lead up to the single bedroom, which is a small house style bedroom with a low ceiling and a hatch to close off the stair area.

The Brette Haus is made in Latvia and is available throughout Europe and the UK. It can also be shipped to the United States and Australia for an additional charge.


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