The first wave power plant in Spain will be installed in the port of Adriano in Mallorca

Like many countries in the world, Spain has also ventured into the search for new, more ecological and sustainable energy resources.

On this occasion, Spain will host its first wave power plant in Puerto de Adrianoin Majorca, to meet your electricity needs.

The plant is developed by the Swedish company echo wave powerspecialized in the production of clean electricity from the waves of the sea.

After installing similar projects in Brazil, Israel and Gibraltar, Eco Wave Power has decided to expand its activities in Europe, choosing the Spanish port of Adriano to install its new power plant.

The idea is to use wave energy to give the population access to electricity without polluting. The place offers the right conditions to create a development of this type and, according to forecasts, the factory should be able to generate 2 MW and power around 400 homes in the area.

The plant incorporates patented technology created by the Swedish company, which installs a set of systems based on floats, pistons, hydraulic motors, generators and inverters.

The facilities are specially designed to convert wave energy into clean energy: a wave 0.5 m high is enough for the plant to produce electricity.

In a storm, when the waves are too high, the floats will automatically rise above the surface of the water and hold their position until the bad weather passes.

After Spain, Israel, Brazil and Gibraltar, Eco Wave Power is also building wave power plants in Portugal and California.

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