The first robotaxis of the Ioniq 5 will be presented in Las Vegas next year

The first Hyundai Ioniq 5 autonomous axis robot will be unveiled in Las Vegas next year, as the South Korean automaker launches a global marketing campaign to share its vision for the future.

The Ioniq 5 has won several ‘Car of the Year’ awards since its launch last year, most impressed with its new EV platform, offering plenty of interior space and charging vehicle technology (V2L). ).

Hyundai previously revealed it had struck a deal with driverless technology company Motional, and has now announced that the first five Ioniq 5 robots will go live in Las Vegas in 2023 before rolling out to major US cities.

The Ioniq 5 axis robot will feature Level 4 autonomous technologies developed by Boston-based Motional, which offers a suite of programs and equipment that allow vehicles to operate safely without a driver.

Level 1 autonomy includes features such as adaptive cruise control, while Level 2 includes lane assist, in which the car stays in the lanes. Level 3 allows the car to drive itself in certain situations, such as traffic jams.

Level 4 autonomy means the car drives itself in almost any situation, while Level 5 takes you to the true “driverless” situation, where there may not even be any pedals or steering wheel .

Hyundai has launched what it describes as a “global manifesto campaign” called “Innovation begins, from very human things” to share its vision for autonomous robotaxis. Its main marketing line is that a robotaxi is “a mobility solution with humanity inside, not just without a human driver”.

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