The environment celebrated containment

The last few years have not exactly been the most buoyant in economic and social terms. The health emergency, which has only remained a bad dream from which we are gradually waking up, has brought with it atypical measures such as generalized confinements, which have prevented the free movement of society.

Like everything in life, you can always draw positives from certain prisms, and that’s what happened with the general confinement and the environment. The natural environment needed a break from humans because there are many indicators that have collected a change in many ecosystems that needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

Both public and private organizations point out that climate change is an increasingly latent reality, and a recent study on the subject prepared by the online betting platform Betway also goes in this direction.

A large part of the factors that postulate the infeasibility of the planet in the long term, comes from the hand or is produced directly by the hand of the human being. The pollution that occurs on a daily basis is one of those keys to making changes in temperature and precipitation a reality in all parts of the planet.

As has been demonstrated in these almost two years, it is up to everyone to be able to return to this complicated situation at a natural level in which practically all ecosystems are found. It does not bring us closer to the predictions of bets of any kind than to know that the reality around us requires an effort on everyone’s part, and that it must begin to be realized immediately.

Emission reduction measures must be generalized in all countries, because going to double speed would be of no use for nations that implement them in a comprehensive way. In view of the months when mobility has been reduced, there is no doubt that betting on clean energies, and changing face-to-face work habits.

Telework is a clear alternative that must be present and future for professional activities that allow them to carry out their work remotely, thus saving time, money and eliminating the pollution that these daily trips entail.

It is true that daily projects and school work or leisure habits do not change overnight, but something has to be done thinking about the environment, and also about the new generations who have the right to enjoy the environment just like their predecessors.

The environment has been grateful for these months of forced pause to regenerate a good part of its environment and have a respite in terms of destruction and pollution. Only time will tell if human beings have learned the lesson or on the contrary continue to stumble on the same stone of thoughts far removed from the reality of the ecosystems that surround us.

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