The ecological transition, an opportunity for companies?


The ecological transition can only take place if it represents an opportunity for companies, which will be the ones that will bring the most innovation and funding to make it a reality, according to the Director of Industry, Energy, the Environment and Climate of the CEOE, Cristina Rivero.

Implement what was agreed at climate summits

In an interview with EFE, the representative of the employers’ association pointed out that no one questions climate change anymore and that the rules to stop it have already been agreed, so now it is a question of how to implement what was agreed at the various climate summits, which she has been attending as an observer since 2001.

“We are in mode to see how we implement what has already been agreed”Therefore, at the twenty-seventh UN climate summit, COP27, to be held in Egypt, nothing that has a direct impact on business will be negotiated, according to Rivero.

In your opinion, it was “more than proven” that companies have a lot to contribute to meet their commitments, because innovation, solutions and a large part of the financing required “They will leave the private sector. Hence their interest in following these summits ».

“When I started, in 2001, I represented the European electricity sector and the private sector there were four or five people, we are now talking about thousands of observers by companies”, who come to learn about campaigns to involve the private sector in areas such as financing, renewable energy, electric vehicles or biodiversity. Thus, it is in the implementation part that there is a growing interest on the part of companies and not that what is negotiated there will affect them more or less.

In each COP, initiatives and alliances arise and this is where it is necessary to be, according to Rivero, who among the possible areas of collaboration with Egypt by Spain, underlined the water management and the need for adaptation in both countries to climate change.

Adapt the rhythms to the reality of the companies

The message is clear, it is the companies that will provide the solutions to deal with climate change and the challenge of decarbonization is so enormous that without them “It will not arrive”he says.

“In Spain our position is good for it to be an opportunity and all we have to do is keep pace with reality”according to the CEOE representative, who pointed out that the current energy crisis “change the priorities a bit”. From now on, the priority is to help the most vulnerable and the industries that need it the most. This does not mean giving up on decarbonization targets, “but be realistic with the situation we have”.

“We all see the impacts of climate change and no one wants to live on a destroyed planet, we have already overcome this debate, but we are in a very difficult situation, with energy prices which have broken our patterns and it is common sense to pace the rhythms and respond to complicated situations »He insists.

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