The “dragon stove” that uses wood pellets to produce a “huge output”

The dragon stove could become an economical alternative to the pellet stove. It heats up very quickly and very strong, but it’s a bit noisy!

You already know pellet stoves and wood stoves, both attractive for their ecological and economic aspects. But do you know another type of stove, the stove called “Jtube”, “Rocket stove” or “Dragon stove”.

What is a Dragon Stove or Dragon Stove?

The Dragon Stove is a purpose-built wood-burning stove that uses a dual combustion system to burn wood efficiently and reduce smoke emissions. It is known for its ability to heat large spaces with a single load of firewood and its attractive design. It was developed in Norway.

It is still little known, but it could become a new alternative to traditional stoves. To illustrate the article with an example, we see in a video on YouTube, how Elios Vega explains to his 2.2K subscribers how he changed his 25 kW Canadian stove for a dragon stove and the benefits he derives from it.

Youtube video

How it works?

The Dragon Stove operates using a dual combustion system, which consists of two separate combustion chambers. The first chamber, called the primary combustion chamber, is where the wood is traditionally burned. The heat generated in this chamber is used to heat the air in the second chamber, called the secondary combustion chamber. In this second chamber, the hot air mixes with the smoke and unburned particles from the first chamber and again burns at higher temperatures, resulting in more complete and efficient combustion of the wood and lower emissions of smoke. .

Pascal Burnet — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

It was originally invented for cooking food, but is increasingly being used as a heating pan. Regarding its consumption, it would reduce between 2.5 and 5 times the quantity of wood pellets.

Advantages of the Dragon Stove

Benefits of the Dragon stove include:

  1. Greater energy efficiency: The dual combustion system allows the wood to be burned more completely and more efficiently, resulting in less wood consumption and higher efficiency.
  2. Less smoke emissions: By burning the wood more completely, it produces less smoke emissions and is more environmentally friendly.
  3. Heating large spaces: it is able to heat large spaces with a single load of firewood, which makes it ideal for homes and large buildings.
  4. attractive design: It has a modern and attractive design that adapts to different decoration styles.
  5. Easy to use: It is easy to use and maintain, with few moving parts and a simple cleaning system.

Keep in mind that these types of stoves are usually multi-fuel. This means you can burn just about anything, including pellets of course, but also pallet wood, bamboo, fruit peelings or even pineapples. For those considering making their own pellets, as is the case with the Youtuber, this would be an ideal stove.

He explains that when he designed his dragon stove, made from an old metal barrel topped with several welded chimneys, the hardest part was making the burner and the feed tube. After many tries and fails, he now touts the benefits of his dragon stove. It works without electricity and saves you money.

According to him, he also saves a lot of money on wood pellets, which burn much slower than before. However, he points out a few drawbacks, including the fact that the dragon stove is very noisy and that lighting it is sometimes tedious. Finally, he specifies that the manufacture of a dragon stove requires real skills in soldering so that no toxic smoke emerges from the device.

Also, the metal being heated can be hot and there is no thermostat to regulate the temperature. He ends his presentation with a sentence that sums it all up: “It’s not high technology! We think like him, but it seems to work!

Use in different spaces

The Dragon stove can be adapted to different types of spaces, whether in houses, large buildings, cabins or even in outdoor spaces such as porches or terraces.

In homes, the Dragon stove is ideal for heating large spaces with a single load of wood, making it perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Its attractive and modern design also easily adapts to different styles of decoration.

In large buildings, the Dragon Stove is an excellent option for heating conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc. as it is capable of heating large spaces with a single load of firewood. It is also a great option for heating spaces such as indoor pools, spas, saunas.

In cabins or cabins, the Dragon Stove is ideal for heating small, cozy spaces. It is easy to use and maintain, making it perfect for weekend or vacation use.

In outdoor spaces, such as porches or patios, the Dragon stove is a great option for heating open spaces in cold weather. It is weather resistant and its attractive design easily adapts to different decor styles.

In summary, the Dragon stove is an excellent option for heating different types of spaces, whether in homes, large buildings, chalets or outdoor spaces, thanks to its dual combustion system and attractive design.

Youtube video

Comparison with other wood stoves.

One of the main advantages of the Dragon stove is its superior energy efficiency compared to traditional wood stoves. The dual combustion system allows the wood to be burned more completely and more efficiently, resulting in less wood consumption and higher yields.

Another advantage is that the Dragon stove produces less smoke emissions compared to traditional wood stoves. By burning the wood more completely, the Dragon stove is more environmentally friendly.

In terms of running cost, the Dragon Stove costs more than traditional wood-burning stoves, but in the long run, its superior energy efficiency and low smoke emissions can more than offset the initial purchase price.

However, it is important to keep in mind that each stove must be evaluated according to the needs and characteristics of each space where it will be used. It is advisable to evaluate the cost of operation, energy efficiency and smoke emissions in order to make an informed decision.

In summary, the Dragon Stove offers greater energy efficiency and less smoke emissions compared to traditional wood-burning stoves, but its price is higher. However, in the long run, their increased fuel efficiency and reduced smoke emissions may well offset the initial purchase price.

Maintenance and care.

Care and maintenance of the Dragon stove is essential to keep it running smoothly and extend its useful life. Here are some recommendations for maintaining and caring for your Dragon stove:

  1. Cleaning: It is important to clean the Dragon Stove regularly to avoid a build-up of ash and debris which can clog the air vents and reduce its efficiency. Be sure to empty the ash pan each time you use the stove and clean the chimney at least once a year.
  2. Technical analysis: It is advisable to carry out an annual technical inspection to ensure that the stove is operating correctly and to detect any problem with the moving parts.
  3. Use of dry wood: It is important to use seasoned wood to avoid the production of smoke and increase the efficiency of the stove. The wood must be dry for at least one year before being burned.
  4. good use: It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the cooker within the recommended specifications.
  5. Repairs: If you notice a problem with the stove, it is important to contact a qualified technician to carry out the necessary repairs. Do not attempt to repair the stove yourself if you are inexperienced with wood stoves.

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