The double-walled fuel tank: the key to avoiding basement contamination and much more

The double-walled fuel tanks They are the solution to avoid contamination of the basement (or that of the hydrocarbon that will be stored) in the event of a leak or a problem with the walls, both exterior and interior.

Experts consider them the best option at the time when it is planned to install a Fuel tank.

In order to better understand its advantages, in the following lines we have prepared a list of its most important advantages. Read on to find out.


What are the advantages of double-walled fuel tanks?

1. They are safer

Compared to single-wall tanks or other systems, double-walled fuel tanks they are much safer.

  • On the one hand, they make it possible to avoid the formation of volatile vapours, due to possible leaks. This composition of vapors can concentrate in sewers and basements, which would represent a very significant risk for anyone due to the inhalation of polluting elements.
  • This cloud of vapors could also be the source of explosions.
  • By preventing the buildup of fuel and flammable vapors, the risk of fire is also reduced.
  • Important: Thanks to double-walled fuel tank systems, it is much easier to detect gas leaks quickly. In the event that one is found, it can be corrected before things get worse, preventing poisoning, explosion or any other problem from occurring.

2. They help save money

A priori, double-walled fuel tanks require a greater economic investment. However, it will end up being profitable for the company for the following reasons.

  • As the loss of fuel is minimized due to possible leaks that may exist in the basement, the levels will always remain at the values ​​that had been predicted. Thus, the economic impact that would have to be faced to replace said fuel will be avoided.
  • Expenses related to system maintenance (for example, leak testing which needs to be done).
  • In the event of non-compliance with the regulations in force, the company may be penalized by the competent inspectors. Many of these penalties are so severe that they will jeopardize the viability of the business. Thanks to the investment in double-walled fuel tanksthere will be no such penalties.
  • In addition, the double-walled fuel tanks have control systems much more sophisticated which allow the gas to be detected at an early stage. Thus, it can be corrected over time and this will result in very interesting savings.

3. Environmental impact is reduced

In addition to being safer and a good way to save money for the company, it also includes Benefits featured for the environment which we highlight here:

  • Thanks to sophisticated control systems, it is possible to continuously control and eliminate the emissions of volatile vapors that are released into other systems. These emissions seriously harm the environment.
  • In the same way, they minimize and/or reduce the degradation undergone by the soil. This contamination is the result of hydrocarbon leaks. The big problem with contaminated land is that it will affect people as well as plants and animals.
  • The double-walled fuel tanks They are also an interesting resource to prevent contamination of groundwater, wells or surface water (eg reservoirs, lakes, rivers or coastal areas). If this type of water is contaminated, the fauna and flora that inhabit it will also be affected.
  • On the other hand, due to the small leaks that can occur in conventional systems, groundwater would also be affected.
  • In addition to all the above, it also helps in the preservation of vital fluid.

Some Considerations for Installing Double-Walled Fuel Tanks

Depending on requirements, these tanks can be horizontal, cylindrical or double-walled, surface or buried.

It is important to ensure that the annular space is capable of containing leaks that occur in the primary vessel. In case it occurs, there must be an electronic detection system that can capture it in time.

Many years ago, these double-walled storage tanks were constructed from carbon steel. The problem with this material is that it corrodes over time, causing product leakage, affecting both the environment and facilities, people, animals and plants.

Now, thanks to innovations, higher quality materials are used, which are perfectly able to withstand corrosion, the passage of time, as well as other extreme criteria.

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