The cold months are approaching, build a micro-tunnel for your crops

Today I’m sharing with you a very special video, it’s about our experience using this wonderful eco-technology…like many things, it wasn’t until I tried it that I’m fell in love, although at the beginning I made the mistake of trying to use it in all cultures and it brought me some disadvantages of its use and unmatched characteristics… in short, continue learning.

If you are going to make a microtunnel it is because you live in an area with very marked seasons or because you need to protect your crops from the cold, the sun or the intense wind… you may also need a physical barrier to prevent leaves – preventing sharp insects from devouring your salads or that some of your farm animals or companions damage your crops…

In short, it is a very inexpensive technology to achieve and can be adapted to your climate and your needs. In my case I use anti freeze fabric but you can use any ripstop fabric and even old sheets to start testing it, the only important thing is that they are white or very very light, it is important above all that the sunlight enters as It happens with the anti-frost fabric.

And then the video of how to make the microtunnel:

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