The ceiling fan that will make you fall in love

With the onset of heat, ceiling fans become one of the best companions for your room. They move the air, cool the room and prevent the heat from becoming an obstacle to a good nap.

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Now well, What type of fan would you need for your home? Which model and style suits you best? As you can imagine, there are countless materials and features designed to satisfy even the most demanding needs.

If you’re considering replacing your old ceiling fan with a newer model and aren’t sure where to start, be sure to check out the following tips. We will take a brief tour of some of the most important aspects that you need to take into account.


How do you want to control your fan?

It seems like a really simple and seemingly insignificant question, but the truth is that few details are as important as control that you are going to exercise on your new ventilator.

In case you didn’t know, the models in which it was enough to tighten a chain are over. Although they still exist, you now also have other much more comfortable and advanced options at the technological level:

  • Control by remote control. Newer models allow you to enjoy a ceiling fan with a remote control, allowing you greater ease of use and comfort.
  • Control via wall controller. There are other models that integrate their functions via a small control panel located next to the light switch.
  • chain of custody. Mentioned above but also still useful and available in many fan versions.

And we could continue to extend the list, since new technologies now also allow us to integrate the ceiling fan into our virtual assistant system like Alexa.

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Choosing the right fan diameter and material

Another fundamental aspect when buying a fan lies in the size of its blades, because not all models are identical or have the same finishes. On the other hand, your choice will determine the efficiency of the fan in your room.

To give you an idea, we have selected some of the main measurements and we have linked them to the surface area of ​​the rooms. In this way, you will be able to know exactly what the ideal diameter is for you:

  • Rooms under 13m². For these reduced dimensions, with a diameter of less than 107cm you will have more than enough.
  • Rooms between 13 and 18m². In this case, the diameter can reach up to 132cm to offer perfect performance.
  • Rooms over 18 m². Here you can count on a fan that exceeds 132cm in diameter without any problem.

Keeping these dimensions and taking them as a reference will allow you ensure optimal ventilation and cooling depending on the dimensions of the room. For small rooms, it is clear that a ceiling fan with very large blades will only make us feel uncomfortable.

And the same goes for the choice of fan blade materialsince in this case you should know that there are mainly three finishes, where wood is a favorite for the elegance it provides. While metal or plastic are also another great option.

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Silence and lighting

One of the main advantages of the new fans is the reduction of vibrations and sounds they emit. We all like to refresh ourselves by enjoying a Netflix session without having to rely on the annoying noise that old models emitted.

The same happens with the lighting they provide, Why have air conditioning in the room without incorporating good light? We take advantage of its privileged position to add an element such as light.

And above all, also you can adjust it and even change its tone from a simple remote control or via voice systems such as Alexa. Surprise, right? Now that you know all the essentials about ceiling fans, What do you think if you consider the possibility of changing your old model?

Quiet, powerful and made of good materialable to withstand high temperatures and provide plenty of airflow that makes the hottest afternoons real opportunities to enjoy the fresh air.


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