The benefits of propolis –

Propolis is a substance created by bees from tree resins, wax, essential oils and pollen. This substance is modified by these insects providing nutrients and properties beneficial to health.

Propolis has widely studied antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it has anti-allergic properties. And it contains a high dose of polyphenols that act against free radicals, making it a natural antioxidant.


Main uses of propolis

Immune system. Propolis as well as other compounds are recommended to improve the response of our immune system.

Antiviral. It is widely used to fight colds, colds, sinusitis, flu and even bronchial asthma.

Fight germs. Its powerful bactericidal properties allow it to be used in the treatment of skin infections such as dermatitis and psoriasis, urinary and even fight dental plaque and cavities.

in cosmeticsDue to its antibacterial action and its ability to regulate sebaceous secretion, it is ideal for acne-prone skin and blackheads. Plus, because it’s anti-inflammatory and because it strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, it’s useful for sensitive and redness-prone skin. Thanks to its healing and regenerating capacity, it helps to soften and even eliminate any type of scar. It helps to fight against skin aging thanks to its regenerative, protective and antioxidant capacity.

Burns. Applying a little of this natural substance over a period of time can soothe minor burns and may even prevent wound infections.

Antifungal. Propolis is very active against fungi such as athlete’s foot or those that contaminate the mucous membranes, it is especially useful for treating the one that causes vaginal candidiasis. Natural suppositories can even be prepared.

Fight gingivitis. Combined with other ingredients, it is able to fight gingivitis at its earliest or mildest stage.

Soothes the vocal cords. Propolis has anti-inflammatory properties, which allows those who are dedicated to music to feel relief after its use.

Fight digestive diseases. Gastritis, ulcers or diarrhea problems are very common. Propolis relieves problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Heal mouth sores caused by various factors, for example, by dentures.

Ways to consume propolis

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This almost miraculous substance can be consumed in different formulations, depending on its use.

A simple way to administer it is to take drops of its mother tincture as a preventive measure to increase the defenses or when we already have an illness such as colds and flu. In the first case, assuming that the tincture has a concentration of 30% propolis, one will take between 7 and 12 drops on an empty stomach. In the second case, to fight against the annoying symptoms, these drops will be taken up to three times a day, apart from meals.

In external use, soaps can be obtained, ideal for skin with problems such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. Or even ointments and ointments are prepared for burns, fungus and other ailments.


Propolis is a product that does not present any major drawbacks if the doses are respected. Caution is required in case of allergy to bee derivatives and should not be administered in case of pregnancy and child under 3 years.

It is always best to consult a natural medicine professional if in doubt.


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