The 52-Week Savings Challenge

52 Week Savings Challenge Jar

We started the year by joining a simple idea to save a good amount of money by reusing an old glass jar. It’s a fairly simple challenge. You just have to put money for 52 weeks, in our case in a glass jar. Our idea is to save money on things or habits that harm the environment, by removing them from our lives and having a reward on top of that.

52 Week Jackpot Challenge

Each week we will put an amount of money equal to the number of weeks we are. We will start the first week with 1€, until the end of week number 52, the last of the year, putting in 52€. That is 1 euro the first week, 2 euros the second, 3 euros the third and so on up to 52 euros week 52. At the end of the year we will have 1,378 euros.


Here you can download the template.

The amounts above are a simple example to match the weeks of the year, you can use whatever amounts you want or can. If you cannot comply with it, you can adapt it to your possibilities, the important thing is to acquire positive saving habits.

We will take up the challenge by stopping consuming things that we normally consume, saving fuel by multiplying our journeys on foot or by bike, any idea to use the car less, saving energy by applying many tricks and habits that already exist, making our own homemade soap or cleaning products, buying from thrift stores, reducing our food waste, trying not to throw away food, buying in bulk and many other things you surely think already and that surely help the environment. I recommend downgrading. How to live better with less.

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