The 2WD Ultra Bike electric motorcycle stores fuel in its huge wheels to extend its range

This modular motorcycle is built to take on any challenge, with high-torque electric motors driving huge balloon tires front and rear. It can cross water in amphibious mode and travel great distances with a long-range generator and two huge fuel tanks in the tires.

Electric motorcycle company Robo.Systems built and tested its “Ultra Bike” in Russia, but the team tells us that “when Putin started a war in Ukraine, we moved our production to Dubai“.

Each of its wheels is equipped with a brushless DC motor in the hub capable of reaching a peak of 2 kW, or a sustained 1 kW, selected for high torque given its obvious predilection for off-roading. extreme in snow, mud and sand. Top speed is a modest 30 mph, although it can feel brisk over rough terrain.

The chassis is very basic, with front and rear racks, bike lights, a rigid fork up front, and an extremely simple twin-shock setup on a treacherous-looking swingarm that, frankly, would have the air under-engineered on a mountain bike.

The battery isn’t huge, packing just 1.6 kWh in a sealed LiFePo4 pack designed to last over 2,000 cycles in temperatures between -20 and 60°C. According to the company, that’s enough to get you and this 55kg beast around 64km and possibly more if you change the drive mode to single wheel to save power.

The Ultra Bike has an open space in the frame where the fuel tank normally sits, and if you wish you can fit it with an 800 watt inverter/generator capable of supplying AC or DC power, either to charge the Ultra’s battery Ride a bike, motorcycle and extend its range or to run power tools or anything else you want to plug in when you get to your destination.

This generator is powered by a pair of surprisingly large fuel tanks on the rims themselves, each capable of carrying around 20 liters of liquid. You can fuel up and enjoy great range and endurance, or you can load one up with water or vodka for your camping trip.

Another option is to use a small inverter capable of supplying 1.5 kW constant or 3 kW peak directly from the battery reserves in the form of AC power.

For a machine like this, the price is impressive. With all the options, including balloons, inverter and generator, Robo.Systems is pre-selling the Ultra Bike on Indiegogo for just $2,590 as an early bird offer. If you boil it down to the bike itself, the price is $1,790. Less than most brand e-bikes.


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