The 15 best games to play in the car with children

For all of us who are going to make a long road and we don’t want our children to be all the time glued to a tablet screen and we don’t want you to be bored during the trip, we offer you a selection of the best games to play with children in the car.

games to play in the car

These games that we present to you are valid for all ages, but it is important to know that often the younger the children are, the faster they get tired of any game, so it is important that we take this into account to have another game prepared in the room.

Also, the important thing is to accompany them during the first times they play in the car, but if there are more children or if they have siblings, the ideal is that later, they themselves decide which games they like the most and which they play the most in the car. what to play in the car?



Certainly a car game that we offer you already know, but do not worry that we bring a wide selection of games without hardware so you can come up with new ideas and some of them will surely appeal to children. These games can also be used to play in any situation or in waiting rooms, although we have other items that can be used as games with just paper and pencil or fun dice games to any time with the children.


We love this game and also for play in the car It is ideal for developing children’s imagination, the more we play, the better and the more fun. We choose a member of the family who will be in charge of starting an introduction to a story, putting a setting and some protagonists although the imagination has no limit it is ideal that each player does not extend too much by adding part of the story to make it more dynamic. Then the next player will continue and so on until we don’t know where to shoot.

We can assure you that they will come out incredible stories many themes or even if we see the story losing interest, we adults can give it a plot twist. It’s important to take turns, because sometimes children want to interrupt to add something they’ve been thinking about. We can also use story dice which we use very often and which help us when we are out of ideas.

Zygomatic - Story Cubes Heroes Blister Eco, dice game... Zygomatic – Story Cubes Heroes Blister Eco, dice game…

  • They can be used to arrive at answers or decisions in indirect and resourceful ways.
  • Each die has 6 images or icons, a total of 54 mixed ideas which can generate more than 10 million combinations.
  • Roll the dice and starting with “Once upon a time”, make up a story involving the 9 dice results
  • Play with Story Cubes as a game for one or more players, or as a board game in which everyone must continue the story where the previous one left off
  • From 1 to 12 players. From the age of 8


I especially loved this game when I was little because the clouds keep changing shape even though it doesn’t look like it and the same cloud can have very different shapes in a very short time. Lo bueno de este juego es que no es competitivo y nos ayuda a fomentar la imaginación, para ello miramos hacia el cielo y elegimos una nube, pensando que forma tiene, la decimos el alto y los niños pueden decir otra cosa y comprobar si realmente lo it seems.

fun games to play in the car


This game is not suitable for all ages but for children from 5 or 6 years old, to take turns starting with the first player. We choose a word and the next player must say a word that begins with the last syllable of the previous word, so we will continue until one fails or we get tired. As in all games, it can be adapted to the child by modifying the rules, for example by simply choosing the last letter of the word.


Another game that we like and can play anywhere and anytime is “Things that are…”. For this game we choose a specific place and take turns saying things that are in that place. For example things in the kitchen or things that are on the beach… They will take turns saying objects that are there, the first to go blank or to repeat an object that has already been said loses. Really very funny.


This Simon-style memory game is quite fun. To do this, the first player begins with the phrase “The other day I went to the supermarket and bought XXXthe next player must repeat the sentence and the product, then add one more product and so on until one fails or skips one.


For this game a member of the family will mentally choose a profession, an animal or an object to guess, the rest of the players must try to guess who it is by asking them questions that answer yes or no. Are you an animal? Are you flying?… a fun game that will make us squeeze the coconut.


The classic I see never goes out of style, although it is usually more fun for little ones for children a little older, this game is already small, for this we can choose colors or letters of anything we let’s see for the rest of the players to guess. It is important that the object we choose is inside the vehicle or that it is visible for the duration of the game, if we choose a panel that we pass by in a second, the game obviously loses the grace of being one of the games for the car par excellence.


This game, although simple, is very fun and entertaining, to play this game the rules are very simple, a player must think of a sentence in a positive way starting with fortunately and something positive, for example “Fortunately I put my favorite swimsuit in the suitcase” to which the next player will have to add the opposite slogan, something negative to this positive phrase, continuing with our example “Unfortunately, they just called me that the river where we were going to swim has dried up”. The times we played, we laughed a lot.

play in the car


These games that we offer are more exclusive to play inside a car on the road since we are going to use elements that we can find during the trip to make it more enjoyable.


An ideal game for the little ones in the car, since we get them to concentrate and also practice the colors according to their age. Each player must choose a car color to represent it. Once the color is chosen, we will compete for the time we have stipulated to see who sees the most cars of the chosen color, this will add up as we pass that car. We vetoed white car color, which is normally the majority car on the trips we made. A fun and frantic game! ideal as games for the car.


Another fun car game is the sign game, not only is it fun but we also teach kids traffic education, in this game an adult chooses a sign for kids to guess what the road sign tells usClearly we have to teach them what the signs mean first, but it will be a really fun game to encourage them in driver education (surely when they get their driving license they will thank us hahaha)


This game is not suitable for all ages but from 6 years old we can already play to add car license plates, we just choose a random car license plate and add the car license plate numbers. registration we can do it competitively if we have more than one child in the car or just take turns and have another child check and make sure the sum is correct. The possibilities are endless in these car games.

If they are smaller, we can make them add only the first two digits or set the rules according to the child.


This game is really fun, even if it’s more fun in the city or in changing landscapes, for that you have to find things that start with the letter of the alphabet in order, i.e. we start with the letter A first and the first to find something that starts with A gets the point and we move on to the next letter, B and so on next we will accumulate points and when we finish the alphabet we will have the winner.

If a letter gets stuck or we don’t see anything around that starts with that letter, we can model it on objects containing the letter or just skip it if it takes a long time.

car games


play that scatters with license plates first you have to choose between all 3 categories to be able to do it easily mentally, for example proper names, cities, colors, animals… etc. Once the three categories have been chosen, we will take the first letter of the license plate of the front car and mentally they must think of a word that begins with the letter of this license plate for each category chosen. The first one who has thought of all says “STOP” and we validate if they are correct.

We can give it a difficulty point for slightly older kids by taking the three letters from the license plate and using each for a category. As always, we can adapt the rules to our taste or to the child’s facilities.


With this game, each player must choose the side of the odd or the even, once we have all defined ourselves in one of the two groups, each time a car passes or overtakes us, we must see in what number the inscription ends if it is even or odd, by adding one point each of the sides. For the older ones it can be complicated a little by associating the game of adding up the entries and if the result is even or odd, one of the teams will add a point.

We hope you find these ideas for playing in cars with kids useful and that our children will have fun without having to keep their eyes glued to a tablet. We are waiting for your ideas and new games in the comments so that together we can enjoy family travel.


games to play in the car

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