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Today we share with you a new terrace model, we didn’t invent it or anything like that, but there are ceilings called Hogan and this terrace has the same shape, we have them also seen on pinterest at one point as strawberry towers and it was one of aldi’s dreams so we got to work it was a lot of fun work but best of all it bed is very useful for growing strawberries, herbs and also onions, garlic, green vegetables… in short… plants that suffer a lot from humidity…

This terrace respects one of the design principles of Permaculture, which is to increase the sharpness and fulfills the same function as the aromatic spiral, although a little more compact…

In this case we are talking about strawberries in particular, but they are ideal for any small to medium sized plant that needs irrigation control, raised beds tend to dry out so are ideal for crops that suffer from fungi and waterlogged soils such as garlic, onions, green vegetables, strawberries, etc.

In this terrace we have different microclimates, for example the side facing the sun is the hottest and the opposite is the coldest and most humid, at the same time the upper parts are the driest and the lower parts have a little more humidity, we can plant plants with a wide variety of requirements in a small space… so if you have a garden or dream of having one, don’t miss the opportunity to make a Hogan terrace or a garden spiral. herbs, but we advise you to follow the instructions in the video so that it is pleasant and not a waste of energy, in future videos we will show you the evolution of this new terrace.



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