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The taipa, also called ridge, is a hydro-agricultural technology that directs the overflow of rivers in times of flood to small lagoons to reserve water in times of drought.

Capsule “Taipas” Ermelinda Aurora Dittrich. Farmer. The Orchard of Glory. Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina.

Direction: Alejandro Ramírez Anderson Producer: Mariana Acosta Consulting: Eva Cajigas Camera 1: Andrés Verón Camera 2: Valentín Zulpo Direct sound: Anais Taracena and Franco Rodríguez Voice-over: María Eugenia Grillo Post-production: Coop. Cultural work Casa de Inga Edition: Emilio Elisio Animation: Adrián Galarza Coloring: Patricio Mollar and Adrián Galarza Mastering and mixing: Tomás Grimaldi Original music: Carlos Pulidori



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