Sustainable construction in Guadalajara is possible thanks to this company

Gone are the days when constructions caused considerable damage to the ecosystem. In the middle of 2022, more and more companies are seriously committed to the environment. Witness those who do everything possible as long as, during construction, sustainable procedures are applied. A clear example is that of Proyectos JORVE, a company specializing in reforms in Guadalajara.

It is precisely in this city of Castilla-La Mancha that many citizens are very aware of how important it is to give the planet the care it deserves and so badly needs. Thus, it is not surprising that some of them, when they plan to carry out a construction, opt for specialists such as those we have just mentioned.

Specifically, they offer a reform service through which they help customers to carry out this type of construction. But how do they do it exactly? Next, we’ll reveal some of the sustainable practices put into practice in JORVE projects, and the benefits they bring.


This is how Proyectos JORVE works when making sustainable constructions

The first thing that strikes you about this company is that the materials they use to bring their clients’ projects to life they are environmentally friendly. In other words, their manufacture does not lead to the pollution that previously had to be treated.

However, this does not translate into inferior quality, quite the contrary. In reality, all customers who trust Proyectos JORVE are surprised by the good results obtainedespecially since reaching it meant far less contamination than with any other alternative.

A clear example of a sustainable material used by the experts of this company are paints, as well as plasterboard and the elements they use for thermally insulate the accommodation in question.

On the other hand, constructions and renovations are sustainable not only by their method of construction and the material used, but also by the result they provide. Precisely the thermal insulation demonstrates it perfectly, since by undergoing less heat in summer and less cold in winter, you have to use much less air conditioning and heating respectively.

Thanks to him, the amount of energy consumed is much less, which benefits the planet. Moreover, it also has a positive impact on your own pocket, so that the amount allocated for construction or renovation ends up being more than amortized.

Something similar can be said of another of the reforms that Proyectos JORVE professionals usually carry out. We are talking about replace old bathtubs with shower trays.

They not only save space and are more beautiful and modern in terms of aesthetics. And if that wasn’t enough, shower trays also save a lot of water consumedsince homeowners don’t tend to want to fill the tub to enjoy a relaxing bath, which is totally unnecessary when sanitizing.

The examples of sustainable constructions and reforms do not end there, since to all those mentioned we must add the placement of a false ceiling in which LED lights are implemented, whose energy efficiency is much higher to that of conventional bulbs or traditional halogens.

Considering everything we’ve discussed, it is not surprising that in Guadalajara this sustainable service is so successful, which will probably go further. And it is thanks to word of mouth that more and more owners of houses and apartments are interested in this type of construction.

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