SunStyle, photovoltaic tiles in “fish scale” shape and custom color

SunStyle, photovoltaic tiles

Sunstyle is a photovoltaic roof that provides waterproofing and clean electricity while preserving the aesthetics of buildings.

The solution addresses three key issues in the development of photovoltaic power generation.

It provides fully integrated, seamless photovoltaic coverage with a fish scale appearance (and color option), ideal for urban/residential areas. Thanks to the visual integration of Sunstyle®, development in historic buildings/districts is possible.

When it comes to developing architectural projects (large buildings) according to strict modern environmental standards, architects no longer have to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of their creations.

In addition, Sunstyle® is made up of large modules, which allows for a quick and simplified installation process and, more importantly, an installed capacity similar to that of normal photovoltaic modules.



SunStyle has been offering its Swiss-designed solar shingles for over a decade and has just announced its expansion into the United States.

SunStyle solar tiles have a sensational effect and have been installed on hundreds of projects in Europe, such as residences, churches, schools, businesses, public administrations and industrial centres.

In the schematic design phase, we looked for alternatives, we explored the market and SunStyle was the right solution, both functionally and aesthetically.

Stefan Behnisch, director and partner of the architecture studio Behnisch Architekten.

In the United States, SunStyle’s “dragonscales” can be seen at Google’s new campus in Mountain View, California, and are installed in commercial and residential projects across the country.

SunStyle UL/IEC listed solar shingles are made with monocrystalline PERC solar cells to maximize roof efficiency.

SunStyle claims that its solar shingles meet both industry standards for solar modules and the standards required by building and construction codes, including achieving the highest possible hail ratings (FM 4473 Class 4), fire (UL 790 Class A) and wind resistance (ASTM D3161 Class F).

We promote greater diffusion of solar energy by taking solar energy beyond the functional and making it beautiful. We think now is the perfect time to make our solar roof available to the US market. We work with architects, builders, solar installers and roofing companies to build a network of residential and commercial installation partners across the country, and they all agree that now is the time for BIPV.

Gene Rosendale, CEO of SunStyle.


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