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In Spain we do not have any variety of spider whose venom is deadly due to its high toxicity. This does not mean that their bites cannot have serious consequences, especially if we are allergic. Today we are going to tell you about the spider bites and the home remedies that we can use to counteract its effects.

Most spiders are poisonous, this is because their way of obtaining food is to inject a quantity of poison into their victim, let it act on the prey and finally ingest it. The difference is that this poison does not have the same effect if injected on an insect or on a human.

In Spain we do not have spiders which, in principle, due to the toxicity of their venom, can cause the death of a human being. However, if we have aggressive and dangerous spiderswhose effects can be destructive in the organism, in these cases if it will be urgent to go as soon as possible to a medical center.

These spiders are:

  • Latrodectus tredecimguttatus – european black widow
  • Cheiracanthium punctorium – yellow sac spider
  • Loxosceles rufescens – violin spider
  • Lycosis tarantula – Tarantulas or wolf spiders
  • Tegenaria agrestis – Tegenaria campestre or hobo spider

But there may be the situation of not having a medical center nearby and we must be the ones who do the first maneuvers ourselves. This is the purpose of this article, to teach you home remedies for spider bites

When a spider bites usAs a rule, it is nothing more than a bite like that of any other insect. Maybe he produce a lump or swellingthe area returns to a Red and in many cases will result itching and pain or burning.

In some cases well because the person who was stung is allergic or because the spider is one of those considered dangerous and therefore your symptoms may not be so mildIn this case, it is necessary to go as soon as possible to a medical center.

these symptom they are:

  • vomiting and nausea
  • hard abdomen
  • Sweat
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cramps in the muscles closest to the bite
  • Lump or swelling
  • sting
  • Redness of the affected area
  • Severe pain

when we notice a spider bite and in general of any insect the first thing we must do is disinfect the affected area. The best way is to use soap and water to wash the area, so we make sure the sting is free of bacteria or debris.


Home remedies for spider bites: vinegar

when we notice the first symptomsjust like the feeling of tingling or burning, itching and subsequent swellingwe will use a cloth or gauze to soak it in vinegarthen we will apply it to the affected area, immediately noticing its effects, the relief of symptoms.

The type of vinegar is not important, it is worth apple and wine. Vinegar is traditionally used as powerful antisepticavoiding possible infections caused by bacteria.

Home Remedies For Spider Bites: Apply Ice

When we notice a inflammation caused by a bite, immediately we turn to ice. The ice causes blood vessels narrow causing swelling of the affected area. Never put ice directly on the bite because this gesture can cause skin burns.

location ice in a bag and apply it to the bite area. With the ice, the tingling and itching will begin to subside, as will the inflammation caused by the bite. Where it stung is also important, so whether the sting occurred in the eyemaybe the number of remedies you can use is very few, still ice.

Home remedies for spider bites: aloe vera

every time we have skin problems, we turn to our miracle dish, Aloe Vera. It is advisable to have a plant aloe vera at home, easy to maintain and very useful. take a penca of your plant, make a cut vertically and extract gel it’s inside.

Spread this gel on the affected area and you will quickly notice its effects.. On the one hand his soothing action will alleviate the annoying effects of the sting and on the other hand and as is the case with vinegar, its disinfectant and antiseptic propertiesclean and disinfect the entire affected area.

Home remedies for spider bites: Baking soda

Another remedy known as grandmother’s, baking soda has been a remedy traditionally used for treat spider bitescountry people know a lot about it and it is one of the most widely used remedies today.

Bicarbonate is used to relieve tingling and itching which causes the sting. It is used in the form of a pasteby mixing it with a little water until obtaining a more or less homogeneous paste. this paste will be the one let’s expand in the regionit can then be covered with a gauze to avoid friction.

Home remedies for spider bites: grated potato

Another simple way and that we will surely always have at home is to use a potato. Traditional method that works perfectly. Potato will help reduce inflammation in addition to providing pain relief. They say the potato is the fastest remedy to cure a spider bite.

The potato contains water and it will be a extra hydration for this now affected area, moisturizing the areahealing becomes much faster. To use this remedy, you need to peel and wash a large potato, then grate it and place a handful of the zest on a handkerchief and apply it to the area. When the potato containing the handkerchief is dry, it can be removed.

Home remedies for spider bites: Sea salt

The sea ​​salt or iodized salthas very powerful disinfectant effects, iodine is a powerful disinfectant and therefore it will help us to calm the side effects. On the other hand, if after the bite there was a small blister, the salt will absorb the moisture contained in it.

Home remedies for spider bites: lavender oil

Widely used by his pain relieving properties and for this reason the lavender plant was used for treatment of different bites. Its application is simple, just apply a few drops on the area of the sting and you’re done.

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