SOUJI, the “miracle” product that transforms your used cooking oil into liquid detergent for household use

SOUJI, turning cooking oil into detergent

Tired of accumulating used cooking oil? Well, now you can take advantage of it for cleaning thanks to SOUJI, a compound which, mixed with oil filtered and shaken for a minute, turns it into liquid detergent for laundry.

The product not only prevents mishandling of waste, but is much more environmentally friendly than other cleaners in does not contain caustic soda. It comes in a fantastic recycled cardboard bottle.

Turn cooking oil into detergent.

The idea, launched by a Spanish environmental engineer, is simple: you buy a bottle of this product and, with that, you you can recycle used vegetable oils of all kinds, such as olive, coconut or sunflower oil.

After filling the container and shaking it vigorously, the liquid soap is obtained. A bottle of SOUJI can recycle up to 230 milliliters of used oil after cooking with it.

As can be seen in the video, this idea aims to promote the recycling of vegetable oil and limit the environmental impact caused by discharge to the sewer.

Hence its name, SOUJI, cleaning in Japanese, chosen by “the great responsibility of Japanese culture with the order and cleanliness of the environment”assure the promoters.

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Cleaning the planet from a product to clean clothes is therefore the premise of this innovation, which, however, is also suitable for use in complete household cleaning.

Although from used oils, the detergent obtained does not retain the bad smell but it offers a fresh, clean aroma, according to its promoters.

The liquid soap obtained from recycled oil contains a minimum proportion of phosphateswhich reduces its environmental impact.

For this, in addition, the product is marketed in a biodegradable container, specifically in a one-liter bottle containing 770 milligrams of the compound, to which the oil can be added.

The new formulation makes it possible to recycle 15% more oil with the same quantity of product. In addition to carrying an allergen-free fragrance that makes it more sustainable with the skin and the planet, and all this in two new sales formats.

Using SOUJI “it’s helping to clean up our planet and our home”defend the promoters of the product, who also invite a “more responsible consumption”.

So, if you are one of those who are not sure what to do with leftover oil after cooking and want to pick up the glove, this idea is already on sale through the SOUJI online store.

We tried it and loved it, a highly recommended product.

Since the price was a barrier for many when purchasing this product, they launched a new container format, this is a bag-in-box of 20 liters with a reusable carafe, to create the mixture, intended for the HOREC sector, several restaurants are already using it.

For the hospitality sector, they developed a Nespresso-style machine so the operator doesn’t have to measure and shake, but can dispense the already-mixed detergent at the touch of a button. They already have the first functional prototype and are in the process of industrialization to go to market.

And it can also be used in bulk stores or just to share with family, to reduce the use of packaging and lower the cost of the product.


Findus, the leading frozen brand, is putting the finishing touches to its “A new generation of captains” initiative, launched on June 1, 2022 with the launch of its new range of prepared fish, made from 100% sustainable fishing net. certified with the MSC 1 seal. Souji was chosen as the winner and beneficiary of the endowment of 10,000 euros included in the prize, with the aim of giving a boost to its proposal, which is characterized by innovation, commitment to sustainability and breaks with what is established by offering a solution to a real problem.

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