Sono says his new car will cost €25,126 and the built-in solar panels will allow him to charge 112 km per week.

Sono’s solar car will remain close to 25,000 euros, despite inflation, when it goes on sale.

The Sono Motors group specifies that the price of its Zion Solar Electric Car it will remain around 25,000 euros excluding taxes, even despite inflation.

The Sion, a compact car covered in solar cells that charges on the go, has been refreshed with new lights, door handles and a roomier interior, the German company said in a statement.

Sono says the final production design of the Sion has been revised to offer fewer lines and lighter surfaces.

Sion’s refreshed exterior design includes a slimmer rear end with a new camera and a new cargo cover.

Although Sono is closely monitoring rising material prices, at this time it has no plans to increase the net price of the model any further, which is 25,126 euros ($25,654), CEO Laurin Hahn told the journalists.

Sono, which struggled to secure financing before going public last year, plans to start production of the Sion next year in Finland.

The startup expects the electric car, which can be plugged in normally, to offer up to 305 km of range, with solar cells capable of adding an average of 112 km of battery per week.

The company has increased the price of Zion by around 17% since late 2018.

Sono also presented a kit to equip combustion engine buses with solar panels to save diesel fuel. The company didn’t give pricing details, but said customers will be able to repay their purchases in three to four years.

Sono more than doubled on its first day of trading last November, buoyed by increased investor demand for electric vehicle stocks. Since then, stocks have lost more than 90%.

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