Solstråle, IKEA’s complete solution for home solar self-consumption

Solstråle, IKEA's complete solution for home solar self-consumption

IKEA’s solar panel offering is called SOLSTRÅLE and is a complete turnkey solar system customized for each customer.

The package includes support, several guarantees and financing options that simplify the transition to solar home consumption. At prices that rival the best deals on the market.



SOLSTRÅLE is a solar home energy system designed specifically for your energy needs at affordable prices. They also offer financing options.

Each design is customized for each project, includes photovoltaic solar panels, inverter, mounting system and the complete installation carried out by authorized installers. Options are also available to include a battery, smart meter or microinverter.

The first is a simple rooftop solar array that can generate electricity during the day, as well as feed electricity back into the grid (saving money on electricity bills).

The second package includes a battery storage system that allows electricity to be stored for use at night or on days when the sun doesn’t shine as much.

Ikea will also be selling an additional “smart meter” where you can monitor your energy usage via an app to see how much you’re generating and consuming. IKEA offers us a solar calculator to see which option best suits our needs.


How to start.

If you want to know more about the SOLSTRÅLE offer, you can find out more here. A solar energy system provided by Contigo Energía.

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