Solidbud, mini-houses designed and manufactured in Ukraine

Solidbud is a manufacturer of traditional houses, but also manufactures mini-houses, mobile homes and houses on wheels.

Located in the Rivne region, Solidbud houses have been shipped all over Europe. The company uses a technologically advanced production process that includes antiseptic soaking and very little waste. Moreover, these houses can be finished in three to five weeks.

Moreover, each design can be created with a unique look for each buyer. Exteriors feature wood paneling and details such as round windows and vaulted roofs.

Interiors feature unique staircases and storage options.

Solidbud interiors can be open and airy or cozy and warm. Custom stairs save space and include full skylights for stargazing.

Homes are designed to be as unique as each of its owners.

We hope that a peaceful resolution for Ukraine will come soon so that this company and other companies like Solidbud can bring their beautiful designs to people around the world.

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