Solar thermal concentrator providing heat and steam for industries, district heating or solar cooling

Heat accounts for half of final energy consumption and represents 40% of CO2 emissions.

Many industrial processes consume large amounts of heat. To make one kilo of textiles, two kilos of coal are used, to make one ton of tea, five tons of firewood are burned.

Using the sun is a heat source that can be changed.

The Absolicon T160 has a very high optical efficiency for a small parabolic trough (less than 2 m).

More than 76% of direct solar radiation is converted into heat. The sensor tracks the sun by a fraction of a degree. The result is heat and steam up to 160°C which can be used in industry, district heating or solar cooling.


  • Zero emission.
  • Solar steam and heat directly replace fuel combustion.
  • A solar thermal energy system can provide electricity at a price of $11/MWh to $45/MWh
  • Amortization period of 3 to 5 years.

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