Solar or photovoltaic awning. Solar blinds that generate energy

Did you know that solar blinds exist? Have you ever heard that an awning can compete with a solar panel? Although both can serve as a shadow at a specific time, so far the possibility of convert a conventional blind into an energy source, a photovoltaic blind. However, technological advances surprise us once again.

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Sustainable solar blinds are a revolution that points far, both for the possibilities they offer and for the advantages they offer. And how they turn out to be more durable than a solar panelyou have to meet them.

tell it to Shadowwingcompanies like this are the ones that receive the most inquiries about innovations like the one you are about to discover. Protecting and producing energy cleanly and safelyare two aspects that come together in this patent that you are about to discover.

A solar awning capable of generating energy while providing shade

The project clearly points to success, so much so that the newly filed patent and the many possibilities it offers have already motivated crowd of people interested in this new model solar energy.

The idea comes from the mind of Ana Rodes Carbonell, director of R&D projects at the Aitex Textile Institute. His idea of ​​creating a solar awning has revolutionized many concepts that until now had not been imagined, and it is not for less.

Textiles are usually the key element of any awning, so there was no option to incorporate photovoltaic panels and turn them into solar canopies that could use their position to capture energy.

However, engineer Ana Rodes developed a prototype in which, through the integration of photovoltaic cells into the fabric itselfis now a solar blind capable of protecting while recovering energy.

Solar blinds: a challenge to traditional solar panels, which are much more expensive

The installation and maintenance of solar panels requires a significant investment, not to mention a lot more materials and therefore a increased pollution in the manufacturing process.

This new textile component, made from flexible panels, allows them to be manipulated, bent and adapted even in weather conditions. The acrylic textile It is the key that allows this mobility, resistance and obtaining energy.

The energy that will allow, depending on the dimensions of the solar awning, charge from mobile phone to light up LED panel of any establishment or private accommodation.

For a solar panel, it is much easier to capture energy given its configuration and characteristics, but with the new patent about to hit the marketaluminum carpentry companies such as ShadowwingThey will not be enough.

The possibilities are endless, the considerable savings and the environmental impact are much less than using traditional solar panels. Sustainable solar awnings open up a new range of opportunitiesboth for business and for any type of home.

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Photovoltaic canopy. A sustainable idea that could change the concept of conventional blinds

Although there are different types of installation and materials for the awning, equipping it with a technology capable of supplying energy This is an incentive that will not go unnoticed.

In addition, we are talking about a project that, just as it is always necessary when the sun is shining, does not damage or alter the environment. So it becomes a business model that many companies will incorporate.

In order to take advantage of this news of a photovoltaic solar awning, we will have to wait a bit, the Ana Rodes model is still in the development phasealthough it is advancing by leaps and bounds and it wouldn’t be strange to see how the first commercial proposals appear in the coming months.


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