Solar fabric, ultra-flexible, thin-film, lightweight solar panels for mobile uses

Ultra-flexible, thin-film (CIGS) and lightweight solar panels, suitable for tents, trucks, drones, planes…

Solar Cloth manufactures ultra-flexible, thin-film (less than 1mm) solar panels for installation where other solar panels are not suitable, opening up a new market.

It can be fixed on buildings, textile areas (shade textiles, tents…), trucks and small vehicles, boats, or be foldable and relevant for other uses such as greenhouses.



  • 1 m2 generates 176Wp, less than 2 kilograms and less than 1 millimeter thick.
  • At least 80% efficiency at 20 years of life.
  • Estimated carbon footprint: 15 grams of CO2/kWh.


When installed on trucks, the panel avoids breakdowns due to downtime and the cost of an intervention.

When installed in tents, the panel allows not to be connected to the electrical network.

If installed in textile greenhouses, it will allow the creation of a large photovoltaic park without the need for an additional structure.

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