smart vacuum sealer that doubles the shelf life of food and reminds you even before it spoils

Millions of tons of food are wasted every year. More than 60% of the total is wasted in homes. This waste is a big problem, because we are exhausting the production capacity of our environment, but we are not consuming it all. Aurora hopes to help change this situation.

Food spoilage has a very simple reason. The air. Airborne microbes get into food. If the air is cooled, the microbes slow down and move away, so food lasts longer, which is what the refrigerator does.

If the air is removed, the effect is the same. Less air means fewer germs, which automatically makes food last longer. This is what Aurora does.

Designed to be the world’s first vacuum sealer with UV-C sterilization mechanism Cutting edge technology built in, Aurora nearly doubles the shelf life of your food (a 97% increase, to be exact).

It comes with a set of reusable containers you can store food in, containers that slide right into the fridge for easy storage. Aurora even keeps track of what’s in the container by prompting you for information, which is added to its own database. Food is stored in an airtight vacuum container and UV sterilized to last almost twice as long.

Depending on whether it’s meat, fruit, veg, dairy, or baked goods, Aurora will even alert you just before the food is about to spoil, not only extending its shelf life, but also eliminating the risk of waste.

Aurora combines smart technology with intuitive design to ensure food lasts a long time and doesn’t end up in the bin “because you forgot it in the back of the fridge”.

Simply place your food in the container and secure the lid before sliding the container into Aurora. Once the container is placed inside, Aurora asks you what’s inside the container, so she can digitally label the container for later, reminding you when your food starts to spoil.

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It then sucks in all the air and uses the UV rays to kill any germs that might remain inside. The process takes 30 seconds, but can increase the shelf life of meat by 33% or fruit by 141%.

This means less waste, but it also ensures that you spend less money restocking the fridge because the things you bought have gone bad. It also ensures that you eat healthy instead of ordering takeout, reminding you that there are vegetables and meat in the fridge.

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