Smart parking: what is it and how does it help protect the environment?

More and more companies are joining the idea of ​​digitizing and automating their operations to improve the user experience. In the particular case of parking services, the process adopts a new way of understanding urban mobility in favor of a more sustainable way of life.

Smart parking services such as those offered by ParkCare operate within the framework of management systems that pursue, among other objectives, the minimization of the impact of vehicular mobility on the environment.

What is Smart Parking?

Unlike conventional or traditional car parks, smart parking takes advantage of technology to improve the driver experience, guarantee safety and reduce costs in the medium and long term for both managers and owners.

For the modern user who follows a lifestyle based on sustainability, finding a cheap parking company at Madrid airport that, in addition to full service, guarantees the reduction of the ecological footprint makes the difference compared to to competition.

A car park that improves the health of the planet

The management system offered by the smart car park is designed to minimize the impact of vehicular mobility. The reduction in fuel consumption means less emission of polluting gases and, therefore, the obvious reduction of pollution in cities.

Reserving a space at a specific time eliminates the need to look for parking on the public road, an action that, in addition to taking time, increases the permanence of engine operation.

Having parking at strategic locations near the airport leaves behind the need to use alternative vehicles for transfer. Likewise, proximity to the car facilitates access once the user returns from his trip.

Services of general interest

Knowing the availability of seats and booking through the mobile device are services that, in addition to improving the experience offered, optimize the control of harmful emissions of pollutants from vehicles.

However, these are not the only advantages that users are interested in, smart car parks are characterized by the maximum use of technology. As a result, they offer automatic license plate recognition and the possibility of contracting the service digitally.

Control is entirely remote, from contract closing and automatic barrier opening, to alarm systems, GPS and license plate recognition. Forgetting about complications, the user knows the spaces available and monitors the position of his vehicle in real time.

Additional benefits

Another reason that justifies choosing a smart parking service in Spain is the availability of the service 24 hours a day, whatever the day of the year. The inconveniences of arriving at the airport late at night or in the wee hours of the morning are eliminated.

Cars can be dropped off or picked up with no time limit, guaranteeing total availability to make the most of the service, whether it is a short business trip, a long vacation or the user is just entering the airport only for a moment.

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