Shoes with expiry date, made with compostable materials

In the United States alone, some 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year and end up in landfills, where they take up to 40 years to decompose. Laura Muth thought about the problem and designed the “Expiration Date Shoes”, a prototype of modular shoes made entirely of compostable material.

For the general, the moda rápida usa recursos no renovables y cargoes de carbono, como los petrochemical textiles, para fabricar artículos como los zapatos, lo que convierte a la industria en uno de los mayores contribuyentes a las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero hoy en day.

Although Muth’s “Expiration Date Shoes” prototype is not yet ready to hit the market, the designer intends to create a pair of shoes with a much shorter expiration date than shoes made from non-renewable resources such as plastic that are currently marketed.

The different parts of the “Expiration Date Shoes” are connected by a compostable lace, leaving the toxic glue behind and replacing it with an insulating and modular structure.

The “Expiry Date Shoes” are handmade by Laura Muth from local compostable materials.

The sole of the shoe is molded with comfort and support in mind, using latex extract derived from dandelion root, straw, sawdust and natural dyes.

The lace and lateral support that hold the shoe together are made of woven hemp and cellulose felt.

As the shoes are made, the bottom sole is soft, but it doesn’t feel as durable and strong as the plastic ones currently on the market.

As the “Expiration Date Shoes” are still in the prototype stage, rest assured that the shape, structure and support are still being perfected.


Designate: Laura Muth

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