Shine, the portable wind turbine the size of a 1 liter water bottle

Off-grid travelers and weekend campers, check out this useful product for small-scale wind generation.

This could put low-cost wind generation into the hands of thousands of people. Paired with your solar cooking kit, it could be a great source of portable power generation. In addition, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The region’s founder, Adalay, said it was “portable wind power”. He pointed out that wind is the second largest producer of clean energy, but it is not as accessible. The Shine Turbine was designed to solve various problems that outdoor enthusiasts especially face. The Adalay team has developed a wind product that allows everyone to produce clean energy for their personal use.



  • Folded length: 35cm
  • Folded width: 10cm
  • Blade diameter: 60 cm
  • Mounting height: 91.4 cm
  • Total weight: 1.3 kg

The Shine Turbine Wind Charger, featuring patent-pending technology, can harness the power of 3 smartphones in just one hour.

Shine states that “97% of outdoor enthusiasts take technology with them on their trips, allowing them to extend their outings an average of 6 days per year“.

Shine’s technology captures energy faster than any other renewable portable product.

We are a start-up company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia that has built a portable wind turbine for people who want to charge their electronic devices (phone, e-reader, laptop, GPS, lights, etc.) without a grid connection.

Fully collapsible: everything can be folded.

We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts always looking for the next adventure. Our global experience in wind turbine engineering, sustainable operations and people-centric business practices enable us to deliver the best possible experience.


  1. nominal power: 40 watts
  2. internal battery: 5V, 12000mAh
  3. connector: 5V DC regulated, 2A
  4. Cable: USB-A Male
  5. LED indicator: Battery and temperature

If you want to know more, go to the Shine website:

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