Seraphim launches the new lightweight double-glazed modules of the S3 and S4 series

Seraphim launches the new lightweight double-glazed modules of the S3 and S4 series

Seraphim Energy Group recently announced the launch of the new lightweight double-glazed S3 and S4 series photovoltaic modules, to better meet the growing demand for distributed rooftop photovoltaic products.

At present, there are three versions of the dual-glass lightweight modules promoted by Seraphim, namely the 72-cell module based on 166mm silicon wafers, and the 54-cell and 60-cell modules based on silicon wafers 182mm. , with a power module from 400 W to 460 W that meets the needs of different types of roofs.

The new products inherit the high quality of Seraphim’s previous products and seamlessly integrate advanced technologies such as PERC, MBB, half-cell and high-density encapsulation.

Besides, 1.6mm+1.6mm bifacial design is used for new double glass light modules, with shorter light transmission path and higher efficiency than traditional double glass design. 2.0.

The slimmer bifacial design, together with the ultra-narrow 28mm frame, can significantly reduce the weight of the modules and support the weight of older roofs which may not have sufficient bearing capacity.

The bifacial design can achieve a 10-30% power generation gain and, depending on the application environment, can also offer a 30-year warranty due to its lower rate of micro-cracking and attenuation, its higher insulation rate and its fire protection, longer service life, etc.

With the rapid development of rooftop distributed photovoltaic projects, the residential and commercial sector is experiencing an unprecedented boom period. As a result, the development and construction of the roofing market faces issues that need to be addressed, with safety being a particular concern. The load-bearing capacity of the roofs, the insulation and the fire-retardant performance of the power plants directly affect the safety of local residents and their property.

When designing this module, we have carefully analyzed the causes of domestic power plant accidents around the world over the past decades. Basándonos in the study of the characteristics of the natural entorno and of the rural buildings of China, with the safety of the product as main object, our commitments to create an experience of usuario perfecta para los clients, à la vez that proporcionamos el máximo valor económico a our clients.

Polaris Li, president of Seraphim.

The new lightweight double-glazed modules of the S3 and S4 series have been fully integrated into Seraphim’s product offering.

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