Sennebogen introduces the first battery-powered 50-tonne electric crawler crane

The SENNEBOGEN 653 E battery electric crane, developed with Dutch dealer Van den Heuvel, is a new 50-ton battery-powered electric crane.

The new 50 ton battery powered crane combines the advantages of battery technology with the proven design advantages of telescopic crawler cranes. This means that it operates completely emission-free and retains maximum flexibility thanks to the Dual Power Management system.

Press release.

SENNEBOGEN points out that in Europe, especially in cities, there are increasingly strict regulations for heavy machinery such as cranes, as there are for passenger cars. Crane companies are not selflessly trying to save the world, but rather the regulations that drive the market.

SENNEBOGEN already has two battery-powered cranes in its material handling product portfolio. Thanks to the close cooperation of business partner Van den Heuvel with Dutch crane rental companies and construction companies, the valuable requirements of the growing Dutch market were taken into account in a development partnership and a telescopic crane was been developed. one ton truck in collaboration with the distributor. With coordinated battery technology and analog load management, this crane is ideally suited for applications in the construction industry through collaboration.




The 653 E Electro battery includes:

  • 130kW electric motor.
  • 210kWh battery.
  • Autonomy up to 14 hours.
  • Charge in a standard 32 A CEE industrial socket (common on construction sites).
  • On-board charger (eliminating the need for a special charging station).
  • Save over 23 tonnes of CO2 per year in single shift operation.
  • They are quieter.
  • They require less maintenance and therefore save money in operations beyond fuel savings.

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