Scientists Create World’s First Biodegradable Sneakers Made Partly From Algae


Blueview slippers are designed to be fully biodegradable

Discarded shoes are a particularly large form of trash, with their molded rubber soles often glued to synthetic uppers. Blueview sneakers offer a greener alternativesince it is stated that they are completely biodegradable once thrown away.

Developed by Algenesis, a subsidiary of the University of California at San Diego, Blueview shoes incorporate a machine woven hemp/eucalyptus yarn upperplus a cotton canvas strap, as well as a proprietary polyurethane foam insole and outsole known as Soleic.

The latter is carried out using oil obtained from seaweed, instead of the petroleum oil traditionally used. Algenesis has already used this material in a pair of biodegradable flip flops.

Blueview shoes, which are already in full production, are comfortable and durable for everyday use.

Once worn out, they cannot simply be thrown away, at least not if they are to biodegrade. Instead, they should be placed in a compost bin or municipal composting facility, where they are exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms that break down yarn, canvas, and sole.

According to Algenesis, third-party studies have shown that under industrial composting conditions, the upper fully biodegrades within months, while the sole does so in just under a year. The shoes should also fully biodegrade if they end up in the ocean, although obviously it’s not recommended to throw them overboard when you’re done with them.

Blueview shoes are currently offered in one model, the Pacific. It is available in black or “sand dune” color, priced at $135.

Algenesis claims its shoes are the world’s first biodegradable, although other companies have already made the same claim.

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