Saflex FlySafe 3D, a new system to prevent bird collisions with glass facades

Billions of birds have died around the world when they crash into the windows and glass facades of buildings. For this reason, many cities and countries now require bird-friendly glazing in new buildings.

Faced with this global problem, Eastman, in association with SEEN AG, presented a new polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sheet for laminated glass: Saflex FlySafe 3Da new solution very effective to avoid bird strikes without sacrificing the view and the beauty of the glass facades.

Unlike other bird protection methods that use stickers, prints or etches on the glass surface, Saflex FlySafe 3D incorporates three-dimensional reflective glitter between two layers of glass.

The sequins reflect light from different angles, producing an almost imperceptible shimmer that acts as a bird deterrent that two-dimensional dots and stripes cannot.

The three-dimensional nature of glitter means less coverage is needed; the discreet glitter pattern covers less than 1% of the lens surface.

Other solutions deemed very effective have at least five times the coverage, which can reach up to 25%. And since the glitter is sandwiched between sheets of glass, the proposed bird protection solution is durable.

With the increasing use of glass in modern architecture, bird strikes are a universal problem. Too often, birds fail to see the glass or misinterpret the reflections, leading to collisions. And the reality is that these collisions are preventable. Saflex FlySafe 3D demonstrated a high efficiency as an element to avoid bird collisions.

Heather Singler, business manager of Eastman’s global architecture unit.

Collision Laboratories in Hohenau-Ringelsdorf, Austria has tested and qualified the 3D reflective technology used in Saflex FlySafe 3D sheets. In transmission and reflection tests, our sheets have been recognized in the industry and by ornithologists as one of the best solutions, defined as highly efficient, durable and with better aesthetics.

Additionally, Saflex FlySafe 3D helps builders and building owners comply with the latest bird protection regulations and certifications, including LEED SSpc55 Pilot Credits for Bird Collision Deterrents and the American Bird Association.The Conservancy gave it a threat factor of less than 10.

Minimal bird-flake coverage makes Saflex FlySafe 3D sheets an ideal solution for various applications such as atriums, railings, claddings, curtain walls, exterior doors, facades, bridges between buildings , glazing for cusps and domes, etc. skylights and windows.

In addition to preventing bird strikes, Saflex FlySafe 3D sheets can be combined with selective coatings and other Saflex products to further enhance glass with more safety, stability, sound control, solar control and protection against harmful UV rays.

Whether or not your municipality requires the construction of bird-friendly buildings, this is the way to go. Our experts can help you specify the right type of coating, or combination of coatings, to meet your safety, structural, and aesthetic goals while protecting countless birds without sacrificing effectiveness or surface coverage.

Heather Singler.

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