RidgeBlade, the innovative wind turbines that want to conquer the roofs

The RidgeBlade Wind Turbine is an innovative, simple and efficient way to harness wind energy to generate electricity.

The RidgeBlade adopts an entirely new design philosophy and solves many of the drawbacks associated with solar PV and traditional wind turbines.


How RidgeBlade Works

Using the existing surface of a pitched roof, the RidgeBlade collects and concentrates the prevailing wind by taking advantage of the focusing effect of the wind.

In this case, the wind is forced to move across the roof surface and forms a pinch point at the peak of the roof, accelerating the airflow through the turbine.

As a result, the measured wind speed around the ridge can be a little more than three times the actual wind speed.

Placing the turbine in this high flow zone means it has up to nine times more power than a HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine) system.

Unique design, unique performance.

RidgeBlade’s unique design allows for consistent power output even in turbulent wind conditions.

The RidgeBlade uses advanced aerodynamics to prevent operating noise and is designed to automatically limit rotor speed with its unique, patented aerodynamic properties.

This means that the units reach their full capacity at wind speeds as low as 25 mph and at this level of wind the turbine speed reaches its maximum rotational speed, and this rotor speed is not exceeded, even in severe storm conditions. . RidgeBlade has been successfully tested in winds over 100 mph in both the wind tunnel and installed locations.

Low-profile, self-regulating, and “user-friendly” design features make the RidgeBlade ideal for commercial and urban areas that often produce turbulent winds.


Three types have been developed:

RB1 Residential

The RB1 is the smaller home version of the RidgeBlade and has been designed to generate power in a wide range of wind conditions (including low wind speeds) while maintaining the least visual impact.

It is suitable for most installation locations, including urban homes, as well as environmentally sensitive locations such as national parks and rural areas.

RB2 Commercial

The RB2 is the largest and most powerful commercial version of the RidgeBlade and has been designed for installation in a wide range of building types.

It maintains its performance in a wide range of wind conditions and provides more power than the smaller RB1 turbine.

It is suitable for most installation locations, including large industrial structures or agricultural sites.

Hybrid solar units.

For maximum efficiency and performance, RidgeBlade offers hybrid solutions that combine wind and solar power.

The hybrid solar units combine all the advantages of the basic RB1 and RB2 turbine systems with the additional power of the photovoltaic solar panels.

Hybrid units use low profile solar panels that are integrated into the existing roof structure.

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