Results of the new Rosenbauer RT electric fire truck in Berlin + 14,000 km driven

In 2020, the fire equipment manufacturer Rosenbauer delivered, among other things, pre-series electric fire trucks to the Berlin fire brigade to test their suitability for practical use. The first results with the Rosenbauer RT (“Revolutionary Technology”) model have just been published.

The RT prototype features electric all-wheel drive.

Each axle is powered by its own electric motor, together they generate 350 kW (476 hp) of power.

The system includes a BMW diesel unit as a range extender.

Two high-voltage batteries with a total of 100 kWh of available capacity are used as energy storage.

The “electrically driven fire and emergency vehicle(eLHF) was used in Berlin at the fire stations in Mitte, Suarez and Schöneberg.

According to the report, it has been deployed nearly 1,600 times and traveled 14,000 kilometers since fall 2020. The Berlin fire brigade was able to carry out more than 95% of their operations purely electrically. The target was at least 80% and it was clearly exceeded.

The result could have been even better, but there was a two-week outage at the charging station at Suárez station. Also, there were charging issues after an eLHF software update. Therefore, the trial period was extended from one year to thirteen months. There were no flaws with the eLHF itself, which is why the Berlin fire brigade wants to use more vehicles of this type in the future.

In addition to German firefighters, Brandweer Amsterdam and Civil Defense Dubai have prototypes of the RT in use.

The first order for the fleet was received late last year; the professional fire brigade of the canton of Basel-Stadt ordered four RTs. Meanwhile, Rosenbauer also made an electric RTX for the North American market. The vehicle is intended for the Los Angeles Fire Department and was developed in conjunction with the responsible authority. According to Rosenbauer, the “core DNA” is identical to that of the RT according to European standards, while the technical design is according to American standards.

In addition to the electric drive, the RT models aim to facilitate the work of firefighters. For example, at the scene of an emergency, the RTX can lower its air-suspended chassis so far that the crew compartment can be entered without barriers and equipment can be removed from the ground with sure footing. . Shadow-free LED ambient lighting and underfloor lighting increase safety around the vehicle.

All functions of the RTX, from lighting to extinguishing technology, can be controlled via a 17-inch screen mounted in the center of the dashboard. In addition, the vehicle establishes its own W-LAN, which can be used for wireless control of robots, drones and other electrical equipment.

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