Rental of farms, natural environments for holidays or events

If you like to enjoy the outdoors, these dream farms will be your ideal location for all they have to offer. Mas rental is possible to spend your holidays there or to carry out different activities and entertainment at the times you need.

The farmhouses are spacious rural-style country houses, built in the traditional way in stone, wood and tiles, natural materials that interact with the environment and give us a special feeling of well-being.

These estates built in the 9th and 10th centuries, typical of Catalonia and Aragon, have architectural characteristics that define them: they offer facades facing south to make the most of the hours of sunshine; They have typical gabled roofs, semicircular arches and even some of them still retain their original walls and towers.

Currently the farmhouses have been specially conditioned to give us the comfort in a rural environment and the fresh air that we do not find in the cities.

They usually have beautiful gardens, orchards, wooded areas to take advantage of the shade and some even have space for sports or even a swimming pool for hot days. If we want to enjoy it in winter, many have traditional fireplaces. Nothing better than the warmth of wood.


Farms, many options in one place

They can be enjoyed both during the day, since their extension allows relaxed walks smelling the scent of flowers or guided horseback rides, as well as at night, since they offer us immense night skies where the stars can be enjoyed without being overshadowed by any slight.

The farms are the ideal setting not only for rest, but also Due to their capacity, they have spaces to receive many people and can be rented for parties, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, farewells… the beauty of their natural setting is the best setting for an event.

Another possible destination for these rural houses is to rent them for work meetings because nature encourages concentration and creativity. If your work team is lacking motivation, stressed or low productivity, it’s a good alternative for employees and managers to have a meeting at a farm. Undoubtedly, it will promote both individual and collective performance.

Forget the stress of the city

The silence and peace that surrounds these constructions make them ideal for those looking for an environment that accompanies relaxation practices, meditative retreats, outdoor yoga practices, sacred circles, temazcales and any other activity that helps us to find the balance and our personal growth.

If you’re looking to relax and detox from the smog and noise of the city, this might be your place, as some also include spa services and healthy eating.

These country houses are also ideal settings for photo shoots, personal and institutional video shoots, or even advertisements. They can be the perfect environment to encourage your inspiration and design creative projects like writing a book or painting pictures.

The farms offer us unique landscapes and views that invite us to contemplate while gazing at the horizon.

Undoubtedly, these beautiful sites inspire us to enjoy the natural surroundings they offer us with all our senses and promise to be the perfect place to cherish good times.

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