Renewable energies within reach of consumers

Renewable energies in the European Union are essential, both to avoid dependence on external energy supply and as one of the strategies to deal with climate change.

The EU is positioning itself as a world power in renewable energy, although the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol have not yet been achieved.

After the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the European Green Deal was carried out to get out of the crisis, and among some of its measures, the need to increase investment in renewable energies was highlighted.

This global context of energy crisis is pushing governments, businesses and citizens to commit to a change in energy consumption.

Overall, the increase in renewable energy should be multiplied by three in the world each year in order to reach the decarbonization expected before 2050 according to data from Greenpeace.


Renewable energies in Spain

Climate change, in turn, may affect some, but not all, renewable energy sources, so they continue to be the key to getting out of the energy and climate crisis. You can only vary the forms of storage.

An example of renewable energy that could be significantly affected is hydropower which, given the high temperatures, low rainfall and drought, has presented the challenge of thinking about how to store water for the future. .

In any case, and according to data from the European Network of Electricity Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), Spain became in 2021 the second country that produced the most wind and solar electricity in all the European Union.

Opting for the trend of choosing renewable energy is already inevitable and the Spanish government is taking steps to continue promoting it.

What to do as energy consumers?

It is already known that to reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to replace light bulbs with LED type bulbs, to turn off those that are not necessary, to buy efficient appliances, among other strategies. But it is also essential to choose the type of energy that we will consume, insofar as it is available.

But what should a private consumer know when considering a renewable energy service?

Solar energy being the most advanced in terms of technology, availability and services, both in solar panels for businesses and homes, opting for this renewable would be the most appropriate.

It will also be necessary to know that there are different solar energy systems and each one will be adapted to the availability and the needs of the consumers.

solar power systems

• Solar system connected to the networkIt works connected to the electricity grid and does not have batteries for energy storage, which makes it a lower cost configuration. This system is ideal for urban areas that consume energy during the day, mainly industrial and commercial areas. It can also meet the power demand in high consumption residential areas. By taking advantage of the sun’s energy during the day, it reduces the consumption of the network to which it is connected, using the latter only at night.

• Isolated solar systemThis type of installation is ideal for remote areas, far from the urban network and difficult to access to the conventional electricity network. Its configuration makes it possible to capture solar energy day and night. These systems capture the sun’s energy through solar panels and store it in batteries. This stored energy will be used at night or in periods of low solar radiation.

• Hybrid solar systemIn this system, the solar energy is integrated with an additional energy source which can be the electric grid, a diesel generator or any other alternative energy source. If the energy produced by the panels covers the consumption of the equipment or household appliances, the inverter delivers this energy; and if there is a surplus, it charges the batteries or delivers the surplus to the power grid, for these functions it is also called an inverter/charger. If the consumption is higher than the power generated by the solar panels, the inverter takes the missing power from the electricity grid or another available power source.

Choose a service that can meet the needs of the consumer

There are already many companies in the Spanish energy market that are dedicated to the supply of renewable energy and offer various services, from the installation of solar panels to the simple supply of energy.

The important thing is to choose a company that offers a service adapted to the needs and possibilities of each family because not all homes or consumptions are the same.

Plus, that it’s easy to hire and without the fine print. It is best to opt for a company that comprehensively handles the entire installation process and procedures.

An important fact is to opt for companies that have their own team of engineers and installers who ensure a perfectly optimized self-consumption installation.

And, finally, that it offers service guarantees and the possibility that at some point the installation will be suitable for the consumer.

All these conditions are met by QUANTICA Renovables Energía Fotovoltaica, a company specializing in solar engineering that offers all the possibilities of access to photovoltaic self-consumption to homes and businesses.

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