Recycled pots for the garden: easy and beautiful ideas

All those who are elements constructed from recycled materials are welcome at ElBlogVerde and that is why we are going to show you beautiful recycled pots for the garden and with which you can plant all kinds of plants in addition to having your garden completely decorated.


Original pots for the garden

the plastic is also a good material for making recycled potsand in addition to finding it in elements such as containers or bottles, it must also be said that they are cheaper, although “harder” when handling them.

the glass It is another recommended element to be able to make your recycled pots for the garden, although it’s a bit more complicated than that since we have to do holes for plant drainage. If we want to make them, we will need alcohol soaked yarn and a glass wick. Typically, glass is used as a pot with plants that grow in water, such as pothos.


Also Tretrapac boxes These are recycled materials that we can use for our pots. They work well, clean up quickly, and don’t require any additional items.


As for “unconventional” materials and objects we can still enjoy the pieces of computers, toys, kitchen containers and even unused shoes.

We can now start seeing what materials we mentioned at home, and making our recycled pots! Remember it is good that To clean them, use apple cider vinegar.

Jars with plastic bottles

As we can see, people’s imagination has no limits and can focus on reusing materials that allow us to reduce waste production and take care of the environment. We have already mentioned that plastic is a material that can be used to make recycled jars. the plastic bottles They are easy to obtain and it is very easy to turn them into a pot.

Some have even created large gardens out of plastic bottles. The good news is that we can create pots in different sizes and shapes, or even make hanging pots. In the following photo you can see an example of garden/greenhouse made from plastic bottles the most practical.

Plastic bottle jars

Also you can always paint the bottles to your taste or add any decorative element. Indeed, making recycled pots for the garden can be a very good craft to do with the children, always making sure that they do not cut themselves on the edges of the bottles. Here are some examples of bottle designs to make recycled jars.jars with bottles

flower pots with newspapers

Considering the level of journalism in recent years, one could say that there are better things to do with a newspaper than to read it. Whether or not you agree, there are many ways to reuse newspaper and one, as it could not be otherwise given the title of the article, is to create recyclable pots. Of course, these are more suitable for a greenhouse than for your garden (because of the rain)

newspaper jars

jars with glass bottles

Bottles can offer multiple varieties for recycling and making crafts. We have already seen jars made with plastic bottles but with the glass bottles real wonders can also be done. And if not, take a look at this spectacular circular jar made from glass bottles. The truth is that this flower pot It already looks like the work of a real professional and could be in a small square in a city. The question that arises is: How many bottles will the creator of this pot have used in total (I say almost 300)?

jar with bottles

If you don’t want to get into a “work” of the caliber of the previous one, you also have much simpler options for turning a glass bottle into a flowerpot. We don’t want to advertise any brand, but it’s as easy as using a soda bottle.

coca cola jarsYou also don’t need to use bottles expressly, you can turn any glass container into jars of your house. For example, the use of the typical jars of preserves or jams is very common.

jars garden pots

pots with yogurt containers

Since we are talking about recycled pots, we can also use the yoghurt containers that you have already finished. Don’t throw them away! If they are large, they can be used as a pot.

pots recycled pots with yogurt

Our idea is to convert one liter yoghurt containers into jars, using spray paints or apply models to embellish your creation. Let the varnish or embroidery you have made dry, fill them with soil and voila! You can use them, for example, for small spices to always have at hand in the kitchen.

jars with books

This other idea is very original and, if you like books, which are very beautiful objects, their use is really fascinating. Obviously, you should have some heavy books that you don’t want, so you can turn them into a flowerpot and then place them on a piece of furniture, perhaps on your desk or on your bedside table. It could also be a great gift idea!

To create this beautiful pot you must cut a sufficient number of pages to be able to insertFor example, a small greasy plant (perfect for this type of container because it requires little maintenance and especially little water), and place a plastic sheet around the cutting space to prevent water and dirt from the floor from ruining the rest of the book.

Flowerpot with a wooden box

Making a flowerpot with a wooden box is a simple operation that will give you a very appreciable and naturally original result. Thanks to their generous size, these tubs can accommodate more than one plant; what you can use to turn your patio into a small orchard where plant some fresh herbs or spices for cooking, or even certain varieties of salad, or to create colorful flower arrangements to place along the perimeter of the terrace or in the garden.

Recycled flower pots flower pots with wooden box

the wooden crates are perfect for growing plantsyou just need some advice: a helping hand primer in particular, in order to protect the wood from the sun and rain, and to ensure that water can flow underneath by making a small opening, if it is not present, to prevent it from stagnating inside the inside of the jar.

Concrete or cement pots

Cement pots are very modern and very original and each of us can achieve a result that will be very elegant and very natural. By using old food containers, plastic or cardboard, as molds, you can give your creations the most varied shapes; a mixture consisting of one part cement and four parts sand will suffice.

pots pots recycled with concrete

Fill a container with the mixture, then leave a hole (in which you will place the plants) and let it dry for a few days, and finally you will have to drill holes for drainage. Fill the hole with soil and voila! You can now start placing your plants.

jars with pallets

If you have a small patio and are running out of floor space, it’s time to think about grow vertically. For this, nothing like betting on the most popular recycled pots of all. Pallet planters with which you can grow many varieties of plants without occupying large sizes.

Recycled jars jars with pallets

Repair the pallet if it is damaged and add a wood or fabric panel to match the part of the structure that rests on the wall, then choose quality plants, which can be flowering plants or certain varieties of vegetables like cucumbers or peppers and you place them in the natural holes in the platform. If you opt for cascading plants, the effect will be very pleasant, you will hardly notice the palette and you will have a real green wall.

Pots with coffee bags

If you’re not a big fan of traditional jars, these upcycled jars are for you. We suggest making pots with burlap sacksamong which those of coffee or rice are perfect, you will get really original and absolutely cheap pots; In addition, you will bet on respecting the environment since these bags are made of materials totally recycled and biodegradable .

Recycled pots pots with bags

To achieve this, it will take very little time, you just have to fill the bags with soil and plant your small flowers or aromatic herbs, or perhaps large plants; these creations will give a natural touch to your terrace, or wherever you decide to place them.

jars with cans

If you have artistic skills, you can choose to create your own recycled jars paint old cans with paint , which are perfect because they have a smooth surface. You can draw what you prefer, with soft or bright colors, adding rhinestones or beads, there are no limits to the imagination!

Recycled jars jars with cans

It is also possible to glue colored or pre-printed fabrics around the jars or use the newspapers that we have already seen; the only precaution during construction is to drill holes for drainage before adding soil and seedlings.

parchmentOn the other hand, we have flowerpots made from biodegradable materials, like these flowerpots made of cardboard, beeswax and parchment (a substance that surrounds the coffee bean). These pots, called “Parchment”, are an economical and biodegradable alternative to typical garden pots. In addition, they have a “cork” look and a very attractive functional design.

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