Rapeseed oil: uses and properties, rich in OMEGA 3

the rapeseed oil o Canola is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the plant called Grated. In Spain, this oil does not have a good reputation due to a fairly serious case of poisoning that occurred in 1981, but it is a safe oilbeing the common cooking oil from countries like Germany.

rapeseed oil

This oil currently it is cultivated all over the worldits main uses are the production of vegetable oil, biodiesel and animal feed.


What is Rapeseed?

The rapeseed or rapeseedknown under the scientific name of “Brassica napus”, is a plant that belongs to the family of crucifers. gender specific brassica.

the Origin of this plant is found in Asia, although today its consumption and production are widespread throughout the Mediterranean and North America. The Countries with the largest rapeseed production These are Canada, China and India. Without being left behind by countries of the European Union such as France, Germany and England, where it is also the most consumed oil.

benefits of rapeseed

Is rapeseed oil banned in Spain? poisoning story

No, but he has a bad reputation for a poisoning incident that there was in the spring of 1981. That year, about 20,000 people were poisoned, from children to adults, causing death, deformities, physical and intellectual disabilities.

What really happened?

In summary, was sold as a consumable vegetable oil, an adulterated rapeseed oil with certain toxic products intended for industrial use. Leaving more than 20,000 cases of poisoning and 300 deaths. This oil was smuggled to low-income families, so those families were the only ones affected. There are no known cases of poisoning of a wealthy family at the time.

In short, rapeseed oil has won a unfair famedue to the fraud of some companies that wanted to enrich themselves at the expense of the health of people with few economic resources.

Today it’s the third most used oil in the worldis used in countless products and its consumption is not linked to any health problem, on the contrary, its nutritional properties are highly recommendedand you have cosmetic uses very interesting.

If you want to know more about this incident, you can watch this video:

👌Benefits and properties of rapeseed oil

Canola or krol oil is high in erucic acid as a general rule, this acid can be harmful in high doses, but making this oil removes excess of this acid. Also, today, different types of rapeseed are harvested with a smaller amount of this acid. For the rest it is a great oil at the level therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary. Among its properties are:

  • healthy heart.
  • Prevents vascular diseases such as thrombosis.
  • anti-inflammatory.
  • rich in Omega 3being the vegetable fat containing the highest amount of this important nutrient.
  • Reduce cholesterol.
  • rich in antioxidants.
  • Prevents cell oxidation.
  • Low in saturated fat.

Applications and uses of rapeseed oil What is it for?

The applications and uses of this oil are very diverse, it can be applied as massage oil, moisturizing or for cooking. Some of its most common uses are:

rapeseed oil for cooking

Krol or rapeseed oil is widely used in european kitchens, highlighting its high consumption in Germany. Is used as oily dressing, but it is also used for cooking, as it withstands high temperatures well. In the case of frying or reusing this oil, it is preferable to use others such as coconut oil.

Its flavor is very neutral and helps preserve food, which is why it is widely used in the food industry and in the preparation of precooked products.

rapeseed oil properties

Cosmetic uses for hair and skin of rapeseed oil

This vegetable oil is ideal for hair and face care, it can be used alone or combined with essential oils. Some of its most common uses are:

  • To diminish hair loss and hydrate it.
  • remove the dandruff.
  • Powerful anti-acne.
  • makeup remover Natural.
  • hydrate and nourishes the skin.
  • Reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

Blends well with Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil.

Rapeseed oil as a base for essential oils

This pure, cold-pressed vegetable oil is ideal as a carrier oil for our essential oils.

⛔ Contraindications and precautions to take into account

We have already explained that it is a 100% safe and recommended oil, but certain precautions must always be taken when using and consuming it, for example:

  • high in caloriesit should therefore not be abused, especially in slimming diets.
  • If you are allergic to seeds or nuts, you can be at this oil. Caution must be exercised.
  • Check on the packaging that it is low in erucic acid.
  • Differentiate between consumer oil, industrial oil and massage oil.
  • Always buy it from trusted sites. For example HERE

☝Where to buy rapeseed oil in Spain at the best price?

Don’t be fooled, the rapeseed oil is an excellent oil with large properties. In Spain it has a bad reputation because it is misused, but today it is widely used throughout Europe, being the third most used oil in the world, behind soy and palm oil.


rapeseed oil properties

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